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Upcoming Shows

5.19 - Space Fest 3

Past Shows & Collaborations

saturday 7.28.18 - Crooked Door Coffee - Marion, NC
Dr. Keyboardian
many thanks to everyone who got me and my crap upstairs & down

thusday 9.14.17 - stroke - Hickory, NC
i had a stroke on this day. of course it sucked.

monday 5.29.17 - Bull City Ciderworks - Lexington, NC
Ty_Lake - Tescon Pol - Lexington Steele - MAMA - The Girlfriends - Secret Boyfriend

4.28.17 Projexorcism awarded United Arts Council of Catawba County Innovative Artist Project Grant
United Arts Council of Catawba County awards a grant for
Chevy Astro Van-based Projexorcism Mobile Cinema unit

monday 3.27.17 - Bull CIty Ciderworks
NJ9842 - Discorporate Voyeur - BITTER, INC - Spookstina - Cliona delitrix - The Waking Life - Michael Thomas Jackson - Joules - Nite Gallery - Jim Capps - Roger Helar- 80 lb Test - Bryce Eiman - Gilded Milk - Minerals

saturday 3.18.17 - Tua Lingua - Columbia, SC
Clang Quartet - Joules - Gaybomb

friday 3.17.17 - The Nerve 2017 Annual Performance Festival - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ironing collab!
Maria Barbist (performing live on accordion, accompanying her original short film, “Carriage”)
The Bridge Club Collaborative (artists: Annie Strader, Christine Owen, Emily Bivens and Julie Wills performing “BLOT” Saturday night only)
Belaxis Buil (performing “Blood Thirsty” with a cast of 6 performers. Act 1 on Friday, Act 2 on Saturday, Act 3 on Sunday)
Andrew Chadwick (performing his Sound piece, “Ironing”, Saturday night only)
Tricia Cooke (performing “Porcupine” Friday night only)
Jan and Dave (performing “CBGB’s in the Sky Featuring Bela Lugosi’s Dead Cat”, Saturday and Sunday night only)
Joseph Herring with House Pencil Green (performing “The Extruded Snack” Friday and Saturday night only)
Marilyn Loddi (performing as documentarian and subject all three nights)
Kalen Sherrad 
John Marc (creating sidewalk messages for viewers to decipher all three nights)
Anna Meier (performing “Nature Mandalas” durationally Saturday and Sunday nights with audience participation)
Jean Minuchin and company (performing “Barbie and Ken Imitate Life” Saturday and Sunday night only)
Karina Pais (performing “Saliva Leaves” durationally all three nights)
David Rohn (performing “Gorilla Suit” Friday and Saturday night only)
RoseMarie Romero (performing “Fluid Faces” durationally all three nights, and requiring audience participation)
Lisa Stephens (performing a new endurance work, “Suggestions”, Saturday night only)
Richard Vergez (performing “Audiomobile” Friday and Saturday night only)
Marilyn Walter (performing “Pre-texting” durationally with audience participation all three nights

nerve 2017

thursday 3.16.17 - Superfun - Action Research #164 - Gainesville, FL
Ironing collab!

superfun gainesville

wednesday 3.15.17 - Mammal Gallery - Atlanta, GA
Justin Waters video collab!
Dux - President Stan Woodard - cave bat

saturday 1.14.17 - Crooked Door Coffee House
Dr. Keyboardian collab

crooked door

saturday 10.15.16 - Fat Morrisey Cookout - Bethlehem Community Building - Bethlehem, NC
Joules & Dr. Keyboardian collab and standalone set
Cattle Mutilators - The Generic Terrors - Altar Blood

saturday 7.23.16 - Capital Fringe @ Fringe Arts Bar Courtyard - Washington, DC

saturday 4.2.16 - Superfun - Flex Fest 2016 - Gainesville, FL
Ironing collab
Phantom Photon

flex fest 2016 gainesville

friday 4.1.16 - Fresh Produce Records - Macon, GA
Pylon Reenactment Society - Warehouse - Scotty Lingelbach

friday 12.18.15 - Mystery Brewery - Hillsborough, NC
Cole Slaw CD release collab!

saturday 10.17.15 - Cinema Wasteland @ Tua Lingua - Charleston, SC
Silver Screen Orchestra

saturday 8.1.15 - Lizard Lounge - Taylorsville, NC
Stronghold Crvsader, Joules

friday 4.24.15 - John Rivers Communication Museum - Charleston, SC
185668232 - Yamaguchi Otoya

saturday 11.21.14 - CIRCUMAMBULATION II Art Show @ The Sparrow - Charleston, SC
and featured artists

Alexandra ROberts - April RObbins - Ashley Burton - Ashley DelmastrO - Ashley Waldron - Blake Godsey - Brian Cate - Christa Smellrod - Christine Brunson - CrOsby Jack - Daryl Deepdish ArmstrOng - Erika Brazzell - James ChristOpher Hill - Jesse St JOn Wallace - Jim Murray - Joanna DeLOng - Karl Zurfluh - Kate Berry - Kelly Ochocki - Linda Davis - LOri SimpsOn - MarO VanValer-Campbell - Mary Charles Churchill Nash - Paisley Addams - Paul Christina - Phillip Hyman - Rebecca Jane - SAM - Taylor Epps

saturday 9.27.14 - Conundrum Music Hall - Columbia, NC

saturday 11.2.13 - Electric Funeral - Hildebran, NC
In Sonitus Lux collab

12.30.12 - Electric Funeral - Hildebran, NC
Akris collab
Robot vs. Rabbit - Cop Graves - Death Rides a Horse - Autarch

friday 11.9.12 - Electric Funeral - Hildebran, NC
Rat Babies collab
CxFx, Homewrecker, Lenoir Swingers Club

saturday 10.13.12 - Penthouse Gallery - Baltimore, MD
a Sight Unseen Presentation
Read our writeup in the Baltimore City Paper by R.M. O'Brien
An octuple 16mm / dual digital performance of Spaceglue Continuum :: Buy Spaceglue Continuum

saturday 9.29.12 - Electric Funeral - Hildebran, NC
w/ Koonda Holaa - Petula Clarck - Dear Kavalier - Gaius

saturday 7.14.12 - Black Cat Burrito - Boone, NC
Tasha Yar collab
Buck Gooter - Human Pippi Armstrong

friday 6.8.12 - Betsy's Ole Country Store - Mortimer, NC
Tasha Yar collab

saturday 5.19.12 - The Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
collab with Ironing
friday lineup - Friday Door: 5:30 pm // Show: 6 pm // Admission: $10 per night / $15 for both nights//
saturday lineup: Saturday Door: 4:30 pm // Show: 5 pm // Admission: $10 per night / $15 for both nights//

sunday 5.6.12 - New Brookland Tavern - Columbia, SC
collab with Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
with Phantom Family Halo, Can't Kids, Clang Quartet

saturday 3.24.12 4pm - Studio 10 - Hot Springs, AR
Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival
q&a workshop
part of the 7 day Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival also featuring

Two Cow Garage, Oberhofer, Pond (Australia), El Paso Hot Button, Broncho, Big John Bates (Canada), Child Bite, The Big Sleep, Love of Everything, Water Liars, Southeast Engine, R. Ring, Maps and Atlases, Cloud Nothings, Pujol, Grandchildren, The Underhill Family Orchestra, Psychic Ills, Prince Rama, Woodenwand, Jeffrey Lewis, Kentucky Knife Fight, American Pin-up, Lost In Society, The Royal Heist, Depaysment, The Black Belles, The Grayces, Jukebox Romantics, Svetlanas (Italy), Japanther, The Unstoppable Death Machines, Filthy Savage, Ritz Riot, Dikki Du and the Zydeco Crew, more TBA

friday 3.23.12 7pm - Low Key Arts - Hot Springs, AR
with Ume, Galaxy Express (South Korea), Bagheera, White Glove Test, Girl In A Coma (cancelled)
part of the 7 day Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival also featuring

Two Cow Garage, Oberhofer, Pond (Australia), El Paso Hot Button, Broncho, Big John Bates (Canada), Child Bite, The Big Sleep, Love of Everything, Water Liars, Southeast Engine, R. Ring, Maps and Atlases, Cloud Nothings, Pujol, Grandchildren, The Underhill Family Orchestra, Psychic Ills, Prince Rama, Woodenwand, Jeffrey Lewis, Kentucky Knife Fight, American Pin-up, Lost In Society, The Royal Heist, Depaysment, The Black Belles, The Grayces, Jukebox Romantics, Svetlanas (Italy), Japanther, The Unstoppable Death Machines, Filthy Savage, Ritz Riot, Dikki Du and the Zydeco Crew, more TBA

thursday 3.22.12 8pm - minicine? - Shreveport, LA
with Tchai & John Calvin

sunday 3.11.12 8pm - Conundrum Music Hall - Columbia, SC
with Bellhop Collective & Roomdance

saturday 1.17.12 - The Wizard Saloon - Hickory, NC
collab with Mountain of Judgment
with Swampbitch & Boolow

saturday 12.3.11 - The Wormhole - Savannah, GA
collab with Akris
with Backwoods Payback - Sinister Moustache - comedian Joe Zimmerman

friday 12.2.11 - Jimbo's Rock Lounge - Charleston, SC
collab with Akris
with Backwoods Payback - Hooded Eagle - Wolf Lord

thursday 12.1.11 - The Casbah - Durham, NC
collab with Akris
with Backwoods Payback -  Bitter ResolveChurch of Wolves

saturday 10.8.11 - The Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
collab with Akris
with UnHoly Tongues - The Polyps - and Derek Poteat

friday 10.7.11 - Slim's - Raleigh, NC
collab with Akris
with Hellrazor and RBT

saturday 8.6.11 - Big Orbit Gallery's Soundlab - Buffalo, NY
@ Buffalo Infringement Festival
Two shows! 8pm and 9pm

friday 8.5.11 - Crayola House - Harrisonburg, VA
with Enoch, Black Ops, and Faithless Priest

saturday 7.23.11 - Fanjoy-Labrenz Studio Gallery - Hickory, NC
w/ Rommanis Motte 

monday 7.4.11 - CoRK District hosted by Nullspace Gallery - Jacksonville, FL
Ironing collab
happy birthday america

sunday 7.3.11 - AF House - Tallahassee, FL
Ironing collab
with Black Sun Black Moon, Philospiders

saturday 7.2.11 - Urban ReThink - Orlando, FL
Ironing collab
with Jill Burton & Jim Ivy collaboration

friday 7.1.11 - The Top Secret Space - Gainesville, FL
Ironing collab
American Dream Art Show 7pm-11pm

Top Secret Space - Gainesville FL

saturday 6.18.11 - Maya Art Gallery - Greensboro, NC
w/vaginateeth/jesusteeth - 3 Brained Robot - Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III - Balder-

monday 5.16.11 - The Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
Mugu Guymen collab
w/ Pikacyu-Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple side project) - Clang Quartet - 3 Brained Robot - Teaadora

sunday 5.15.11 @ 7pm - Microscope Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

saturday 5.14.11 - Spectacle - Boston, MA
"Science Cinema" themed program w/ work by Britany Gravely - Gordon Nelson - Luther Price

saturday 4.23.11 - Insurgent Fest 3 - Conover, NC
Monarchist collab
w/ Tasha Yar - Akris - Hour of 13 - Ayr - Cancer - Just Die! - Fuss - Old Mountain - Jacob Henry Godfrey - Towering Pyre - Switchblade 85 - Gaius - Twentyeyes - Cheezface - One Bloody Pony - Human Pippi Armstrong - Teaadora Nikolova
Insurgent Fest 3 - Conover, NC - 042311

sunday 4.17.11 - Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
Acid Mothers Temple collab
w/ Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers

saturday 4.16.11 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC
Acid Mothers Temple collab
w/ Clang Quartet, Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers

saturday 2.25.11 - Black Cat Burrito - Boone, NC
Tasha Yar collab
w/ Birds ov Paradise and mmm, burritos
saturday 2.25.11 - The General Store Cafe - Pittsboro, NC
Caltrop collab
w/ Blag'ard, Shred Crust, Gasoline Stove

saturday 2.12.11 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
w/ Darsombra (with videos by Ann Everton)

friday 2.11.11 - The Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
Tasha Yar collab
w/ Birds ov Paradise

Frost/Nixon - Hickory Community Theatre - Hickory, NC
friday 1.14.2011 - 8pm
saturday 1.15.2011 - 8pm
thursday 1.20.2011 - 7:30pm
friday 1.21.2011 - 8pm
saturday 1.22.2011 - 8pm
sunday 1.23.2011 - 2:30pm
thursday 1.27.2011 - 7:30pm
friday 1.28.2011 - 8pm
saturday 1.29.2011 - 8pm
sunday 1.30.2011 - 2:30pm
Witness the legendary battle between Richard Nixon, the disgraced president with a legacy to save, and David Frost, a British TV personality with a name to make, in the story of the historic encounter that changed both their lives. In 1977, the former commander-in-chief agreed to sit for one all-inclusive interview to confront the questions of his time in office and the Watergate scandal that ended his presidency. In HCT’s production, Frost and Nixon are played by Joshua Propst and Ralph Mangum, under the direction of Charles Jeffers. Also featured are John Gann, C. John Watts III, Bob Smith, Blake Comby, Meredith Potter, George Page, and Kent Kerley. I was the video monkey in the orchestra pit, providing live video mixing of 3 cameras on an overhead screen during the interviews.

monday 11.22.10 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
DJ Heavy Flow / Unisex Starship collab
 w/ Bermuda Triangles and Smell The Rott

friday 11.12.10 - The Night Light - Chapel Hill, NC
Monsonia Record Release collab (

The Nightlight Chapel Hill

sunday 10.17.10 - The Bunk at Mockbee - Cincinnati, OH
Hellblinki collab
w/ Evolve Project

saturday 10.16.10 - Masonic Temple - Flint, MI
Hellblinki collab
with Voltaire, Lunatic Vagabonds, DJ Cypher

wednesday 10.13.10 - One Eye'd Jacks - Fairborn, OH
Hellblinki collab

tuesday 10.12.10 - MacIntyre House Concert Series - Winchester, KY
Hellblinki collab

thursday 9.30.10 - 412 - Greensboro, NC
w/ Tinsel Teeth, 3 Brained Robot, Clang Quartet

sunday 9.19.10 - The Southern - Charlottesville, VA
Witchmond Fest collab w/ Rhythm Bandit
w/ AIDS Wolf, An Albatross, Nuss, Cheezface, more tba

The Southern - Charlottesville VA

monday 8.23.10 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
with Dark Pony, Spermwhales, Shy Violet, Smell the Rott

Projexorcism @ Killing Floor 8/23/10 with Spermwhales, Shy Violet, Smell the Rott, Dark Pony

friday 8.20.10 - Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
YEAH Video Art Mini Fest

Eyedrum YEAH MiniVideoArt Fest

sunday 8.1.10 - Haus - Charlottesville, VA
with Buck Gooter and Rhythm Bandit

Buck Gooter, Rhythm Bandit, Projexorcism - Charlottesville VA

saturday 7.31.10 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
Cliff Outlives GG Party with Buck Gooter, Smell the Rott, 5 Gallon Bucket, Stronghold Crvsader, C. Davis Experience, Suzi Trash

CANCELLED friday 7.30.10 - Old Bridge Festival - Amissville, VA CANCELLED
3 Day Festival Friday 7/30 to Sunday 8/1 - $10 - 10 kegs - generators -chaos

Old Bridge Festival :: July 31, 2010

thursday 7.22.10 - Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art - Winston-Salem, NC
w/ Invisible

Projexorcism and Invisible at SECCA July 22, 2010

saturday 6.19.10 - Couch Heaven - Richmond, VA
collab w/ Tasha Yar & Caves Caverns

saturday 6.5.10 - Gordon B ParK RaiLROAD TUNNEL WEST END - Atlanta, GA
w/ Pony Payroll Bones, Hurricanes of Love, more soon

friday 6.4.10 - The Temple of Love - Marrietta, GA
w/ Pony Payroll Bones, Dark Inside the Sun,

saturday 5.8.10 - Insurgent Fest II - Conover, NC

Insurgent Fest II Conover NC

wednesday 5.5.10 - The Killing Floor - Hickory NC
w/ Rovar17, A Device Designed to Mimic the Patient, vaginateeth/jesusteeth, Cheezface, Pastures

friday 4.16.10 - Hostility Friday II - Asheville, NC
Ironing collab... in a silo!
w/ Pony Payroll Bones, By Any Means Necessary, Giant Tigers, Vvaort, Common Visions, Janet Night, No Shoulders, One Bloody Pony, Roman Photos, Secret Boyfriend, Lonely Roaches and the Historic Reunion of the Fortune Tellers, Big & Tall

tuesday 4.14.10 - Cosmic Charlie's - Lexington, KY
Acid Mother's Temple collab
w/ Over-gain Optimal Death

monday 4.13.10 - Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC
Acid Mother's Temple collab
w/ Over-gain Optimal Death, Soft Opening

Grey Eagle Asheville

sunday 4.12.10 - Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
Acid Mother's Temple collab
w/ Over-gain Optimal Death

Pilot Light KnoxvilleAcid Mothers Knoxville

Acid Mothers Temple w/ Projexorcism Knoxville 4/12/10

saturday 4.11.10 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC
Acid Mother's Temple collab
w/ Over-gain Optimal Death, Clang Quartet

saturday 3.20.10 - Valley of the Vapors Festival - Hot Springs, AR
Lucero - Tumbledown - Andrew Anderson - Ryan Power - My Gold Mask - River City Tanlines - Giggle Party - Man Against Fire - Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers - The Chinese Stars - Fang Island - Perpetual Warewolf - Mother Hug - Paul Sammons - Fire To Reason - Heat Machine - Uzuhi - Bottlerocket - Jukebox Romantics - The Last Slice - The Memphis Belles Burlesque - Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz – Psycho Billy Burlesque - Reverend Dead Eye - Frown Pow’r - The Bitter Tears - Cletus Got Shot - Theodore - Red Pony Clock - Andrew Byrant - Moutain Sprout - James Husband - Grandchildren - The Blacklist Royals - The Extraordinaires - The Name - A Lull - Spirit Family Reunion

valley of the vapors

saturday 12.26.09 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
w/ Wouter Haspers, Bram Stadhouders, Bas Verbeek

saturday 11.7.09 - The Laboratory - Gainesville, FL
Dictaphonia Fest
M.Stactor, Richard Orlando, William Wesley & The Tiny Sockets, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth, Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge, Black Beast Of Arrrghhh, Justin Robert, Krysten Davis, Waterdigger, Rajun Cajun, Big Sugar Victorious, Otolathe, Fiver's Stereo, Jamison Williams with Jay Peele, SOS aka Astral Fields Farmer, Two Woos - Kathy Burkett and Doug Burkett, Ironing, Mark McGee, minimum of none, Hal McGee

friday 11.6.09 - The Immaginarium - Columbia, SC
with Pony Payroll Bones

pony payroll bones

friday 10.30.09 - Gillie's - Blacksburg, VA
w/ Old Man Kelly

tuesday 10.20.09 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
listen on
w/ Smell the Rott, Cheezface, Pastures, Get Laid, Godfearing Christian

friday 9.11.09 - Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
never forget

Nightlight Chapel Hill

wednesday 9.2.09 - Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
w/ Harry Egypt’s Extreme Karaoke

thursday 8.27.09 - New French Bar - Asheville, NC
Caltrop collab w/ Fing Fang Foom, Ritual

Caltrop - Chapel Hill

saturday 8.22.09 - Maya Art Gallery - Greensboro, NC

friday 8.21.09 - Salvadore Deli - Charlotte, NC
w/ Galaxy Jam, DJ Fyah Babylon

saturday 8.15.09 - Peter M. Wallace Bipedal Refuge - Bethlehem, NC
Dusk til Dawn 10 Year Anniversary Show

Peter M Wallace Bipedal Refuge

wednesday 8.5.09 - Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
w/ Human Pippi Armstrong & Harry Egypt’s Extreme Karaoke

friday 7.31.09 - Drip's - Hickory, NC
Hellblinki collab

thursday 7.23.09 - Drip's - Hickory, NC
w/ PSF, Agrabatti

saturday 7.18.09 - Arkansas Underground Film Festival - Hot Springs, AR
first octuple 16mm projector performance


saturday 7.11.09 - Pinhook - Durham, NC
w/ Invisible, Oyster Destroyster & Ponchos from Peru

071109 Pinhook - Durham NC

friday 7.10.09 - Maya Art Gallery - Greensboro, NC
w/ Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, Philip Kruse, Clang Quartet

wednesday 7.1.09 - Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
Harry Egypt’s Extreme Karaoke w/ Planet Piss

wednesday 6.17.09 - Bobo's - Asheville, NC
Fantasy Fact collab @ Bobo’s w/ Bobo, Fancie, Cerebral Paisley, Moon Fetus

saturday 6.13.09 - Drip's - Hickory, NC
==Caltrop, Gollum, Noble Rust

friday 6.6.09 - Dragonfly Theatre and Pub - Boone, NC
w/ Galaxy Jam, DJ Fyah Babylon, Melissa Reaves

monday 5.25.09 - Drip's - Hickory, NC
w/ Thrones, Clang Quartet, Stronghold Crusader

sunday 5.24.09 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
w/ The Thrones, Clang Quartet

saturday 5.16.09 - The Water Heater - Roanoke, VA
Feralcatscan & Khate collab Intergalactic Ball (Absurdist Dance Party)

saturday 4.25.09 - Drip's Coffee & Brewhouse - Hickory, NC
w/ Dark Inside the Sun, Allison Moe, The Adulterers

monday 4.20.09 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
w/ Smell the Rott, Sonorous Gale, Ravensbruck, "some metal band"

saturday 4.18.09 - Elastic Arts - Chicago, IL
w/ Shalloboi, Nick Butcher

friday 4.17.09 - Bunk ART/MUSIC/FILM Space - Cincinnati, OH
w/ Hearts of Palm / French Crips, Hardon Collider, Thriftsore Boratorium

thursday 4.16.09 - Starlight Cinema - Madison, WI

saturday 4.11.09 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
collab w/ Sonic Suicide Squad & Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mother Temple w/ Projexorcism 04/11/10 Chicago

friday 4.10.09 - Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH
collab w/ Sikhara
w/ Amps for Christ, Harms Way Fayre, Channels

thursday 4.9.09 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
w/ Faggot, Smell the Rott, Stronghold Crvsader, Machete

saturday 3.28.09 - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
collab w/ Husky, Cement Stars, Delicious

friday 3.27.09 - The Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
collab w/ Sikhara
with Language of Light

sometime in March 09 - Thee Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
collab w/ A Device Designed to Mimic the Patient

friday the 13th 3.13.09 - McDowell Arts Council Association - Marion, NC
collab w/ US Christmas

saturday 2.28.09 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
Scion Rock Fest collab w/ US Christmas
with Mastodon - Neurosis - High on Fire - Boris - 1349 - Cryptopsy - Torche - Nachtmystium - Wolves in the Throne Room - Baroness - Harvey Milk - Kylesa - Zoroaster - Withered - Krallice - Toxic Holocaust - Skeletonwitch - Rwake - A Storm of Light - Warbringer - Salome - Suidakra - Tyr - Alestorm - Converge - Pig Destroyer - Septic Flesh - Coalese - Trash Talk - Evil Army - Gaylord

saturday 2.21.09 - The Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
w/ The Circuitry Dance Patrol & Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra

friday 2.13.09 - Drip's Coffee & Brewhouse - Hickory, NC
collab w/ US Christmas
w/ Zoroaster, Hatemonger, Boolow

saturday 2.7.09 - Drip's Coffee & Brewhouse - Hickory, NC
with Magnet City Kids & Human Adult Band

saturday 1.31.09 - Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
collab w/ US Christmas
with Generation of Vipers and Across Tundras

friday 1.30.09 - New French Bar - Asheville, NC
collab w/ US Christmas
with Enoch & Amps for Satan

tuesday 1.20.09 - Spazzatorium - Greenville, NC
6 hour ride through blizzard aftermath for bad ass collab w/ Sonic Suicide Squad
w/ Tiny Concept

monday 1.19.09 - Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
MLK themed set, on MLK Blvd, on MLK day with Sonic Suicide Squad and Tiny Concept

saturday 1.17.09 - Story House - Gainesville, FL
Ironing / Hal McGee collab
Action Research 34: Hal McGee’s 51st Birthday Party Concert Little Fyodor -- (Denver, Colorado) Homogenized Terrestrials -- (Princeton, Illinois) Aaron Zarzutzki -- (Chicago, Illinois) Richard Orlando -- (Flushing, New York) Irene Moon -- (Tallahassee) Hunker Down Roy -- (Polk City and Tampa) Otolathe -- (Tampa) Lissajou -- (Jacksonville) No Limit Cycle -- (Gainesville) and Don Butler of Tampa vs Hal McGee in a Theremin Duel Death Cage Re-match! Saturday, January 17, 2009 @ 8:00pm @ Story House 11 SE 5th Avenue Gainesville, FL $5 suggested donation Hal will collaborate with: No Limit Cycle Don Butler Otolathe and Irene Moon as The Analog Synthesizer Ensemble - with special guests Homogenized Terrestrials and Richard Orlando Aaron Zarzutzki

action research

friday 1.16.09 - Greencup Books - Birmingham, AL
with Corpus Euphonium, Walker Yancey, Isidro, Nocturnal FIst Mission

saturday 11.15.08 - Drip's Coffee & Brewhouse - Hickory, NC
collab w/ Matt Masterson
Release party for the digital version of "Whirlwind/Lightning" friends will be there.

friday 11.14.08 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
w/ Darsombra & Ala Muerte

tuesday 11.4.08 - Bobo's - Asheville, NC
Electrion Day collab w/ Sikhara

sunday 11.2.08 - The Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
collab w/ Sikhara
w/ Hero Destroyed, The Growth

saturday 11.1.08 - The Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
collab w/ Sikhara
w/ Hero Destroyed, The Growth

saturday 10.11.08 - MegaHz Experimental & Noise Festival - Charlottesville, VA
Hal McGee/Ironing/Chris Miller collab
::::Graham and Cleek (Charlottesville) [ ] ::::Big Drum in the Sky (Harrisonburg) [ ] ::::Gerrit Roessler (Charlottesville/Germany) [ ] ::::New Loft (Richmond) [ ] ::::Richard Brewster (Charlottesville) [ ] ::::Ben Miller (New Jersey) [ ] ::::Khate vs. Feralcatscan (Newport News) [ ] [ ] ::::Pinko Communoids (Charlottesville) [ ] ::::Flutter (Charlottesville/Richmond) [ ] [ ] [ ] ::::Matthew Burtner (Charlottesville) [ ] ::::Doofgoblin (Charlottesville) [ ] ::::Hal McGee + Ironing (Florida) [ ] [ ] ::::Preliminary Saturation (Netherlands) [ ]

friday 10.10.08 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
w/ Wouter Jaspers & Franz Fjödor

saturday 10.4.08 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
w/ Smell the Rott - Buck Gooter - Hatemonger - Gutfux - Stronghold Crvsader - Romannis Motte

Killing Floor Hickory NC

friday 9.12.08 - The Garage - Asheville, NC
Drone Valley Festival King Tut, Knives & Daggers, Irata, We Versus the Shark, Cashmere Blackout, Thee Birds Ov Paradise, Gray Young, The Bronzed Chorus,Where the Buffalo Roamed, Red Collar, Aquila, Quetzalcoatl, Subrig Destroyer, Mosquito Bandito, Ecstasy the Flower, Saint Solitude, The Virus Twiins, Backseat Dreamer, Rythmus Surco

thursday 9.11.08 - Rocket Club - Asheville, NC
Drone Valley Festival with The South French Broads - Wharton’s Jelly - See Goon See - The Gentle Suit - Preachers Gun

saturday 8.16.08 - Drips - Hickory, NC
with C. Scott Neil

saturday 8.2.08 - Chez Seany Poo - Nashville, NC
with Tiny Concept, Leslie Keffer & Val Martino, Lost Octobers, Them Natives & THE Growth

Nashville 080208

friday 6.27.08 - 204 Wilson - Greenville, NC
with Matt Masterson, Buttcrust, Thunder Machine

friday 6.20.08 - The Rocket Club - Asheville, NC
collab with the Cashmere Blackout.... Torso Takes the Silver

thursday 6.5.08 - Christopher's - Morganton, NC
collab with the Cashmere Blackout and Black Hollies

saturday 5.24.08 - Westville Pub - Asheville, NC
collab with Darpa

friday 4.18.08 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
with Eugene Robinson & Mooncakes

thursday 4.17.08 - Emerald Lounge - Asheville, NC
collab with the Discordian Society & Darpa

friday 4.11.08 - The Werehouse - Winston-Salem, NC
with Dark Inside the Sun and T-ak

thursday 4.10.08 - The Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
with Dark Inside the Sun and Cab Caligari

tuesday 4.8.08 - Spazzatorium - Greenville, NC
with Dark Inside the Sun

saturday 4.5.08 - Civic Media Center - Gainesville, FL
ctrl*space collab
with attachedhands, Analog Synthesizer Ensemble, Ironing, No Limit Cycle, Hydrogen Arm, Másik, Xiphiidae

action research gainesville

saturday 3.29.08 - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
projections for Husky, Vox Populi, The Cashmere Blackout, and Red Cloud at Sundown

friday 3.28.08 - Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
collab with the Steve Mackay Ensemble
with the Scams, the Growth, and Brian Saunders

saturday 2.23.08 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC
w/ Temple of Bon Matin, Smell the Rott, Insect Pornography

temple of bon matin, projexorcism, smell the rot, insect pornography

friday 2.22.08 - Hunter Gatherer Brewery - Columbia, SC
w/ Temple of Bon Matin, and some tasty microbrew!

tuesday 2.19.08 - AC Temple - Birmingham, AL
w/ Temple of Bon Matin

monday 2.18.08 - Le Chateau Noir FREEDUMB FEST 2009 - Stone Mountain, GA

chateau noir

monday 1.28.08 - Velvet Lounge - Washington, DC
collab throwdown with Cash Slave Clique & Drums Like Machine Guns

saturday 1.19.08 - Transitions Art Gallery - Hal McGee's 50th Birthday - Tampa, FL
with If, Bwana (POGUS Productions, Chester, New York), Charles Rice Goff III (Taped Rugs Productions, Lawrence, Kansas), Little Fyodor & Babushka (Denver, Colorado), Homogenized Terrestrials (Princeton, Illinois), Aaron Zarzutzki (Chicago, Illinois), Projexorcism (Boone, North Carolina), Pax Titania (Tallahassee, Florida), Otolathe (Tampa, Florida), Ironing (Gainesville, Florida), Free Space, and Hal McGee

hal mcgee

11.2.07 - The Killing Floor - Hickory, NC

thursday 10.25.07 - Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
with the Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, Jah 9

friday 10.12.07 - Two Art Chicks - Greensboro, NC
collab w/ Caltrop and Cobra Kahn
with El Sucio

sunday 8.19.07 - the Underground - Hickory, NC
with the Subliminator, Rommanis Motte, Hatemonger

the subliminator, romannis motte, hatemonger, projexorcism

friday 7.13.07 - Funky Night Owls - Hickory, NC
Hellblinki collab
Sweet Crude Bill and the Lighthouse Nautical Society

friday 7.6.07 - The Curio - Albuquerque, NM
with Nobody, Somnambulist, Alchemical Burn

Potter Belmar Labs

wednesday 7.4.07 - Potter Belmar Labs - San Antonio, TX
with Potter Belmar Labs, The Annoysters

The Curio - Albuquerque NM

tuesday 7.3.07 - The Opera House - Austin, TX
with Lori Surfer - thank you Spunky Monkey for the support and also big thanks to Leah at the Opera House and the Mr. Projector crew!

monday 7.2.07 - Super Happy Fun Land - Houston TX
with Cinema Bomar and Mr. Projector

sunday 7.1.07 - AC Temple - Birmingham, AL
with Mugu Guymen, The Ear is the Brain, Yellow Crystal Star, Pony Bones

saturday 6.30.07 - Action Research - Gainesville, FL
collaboration with Hal McGee, with Uh-Oh Spades // Sidecar Racer // AndrosRex // Parts&PiecesOf PastTiciples // Aurolac // Lissajou // Ironing

action research

friday 6.29.07 - Gambrell Hall - Columbia, SC
Ironing // Yellow Crystal Star // The Ear is the Brain // Constant Mauk

wednesday 6.27.07 - Black Cat Burrito - Boone, NC
Ironing // Constant Mauk // Boyzone // Jason Crumer

sunday 6.24.07 - Chez Mark - Hickory, NC
with Ironing & Smell the Rott

friday 5.18.07 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
with Caltrop & Carrion Bomb

sunday 5.13.07 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
collab with Temple of Bon Matin

saturday 5.5.07 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
collab with US Christmas & Weedeater - with Mars Killed Mary, Them Natives, Pony Bones

saturday 4.28.07 - Lenny's - Atlanta, GA
Space Rock Con collab w/ US Christmas
Super Heaven - Early Modern Witch Trials - The Subliminator - Tenth to the Moon - DJ Tractor Pull - Tree Creature - Strix-Varia - Dharma Son Collective - PXL - Smiley - EEther - Phazerz on High - Alien Spyz - Weerd - Dig Your Hole

monday 4.23.07 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
US Christmas and Weedeater collab
Mars Killed Mary, Pony Bones, Them Natives

4.1.07 - Funky Night Owls - Hickory, NC

saturday - 3.31.07 - The Werehouse - Winston-Salem, NC
Subscape Annex collab
Spool Ensemble, The Upsidedown Stars, Hairs

friday 3.30.07 - Black Cat Burrito - Boone, NC
Attention Deficit Destruction V2
collab w/ Rommanis Motte more TBA

saturday 3.3.07 - Graham, NC
cataclysmic xmas tree vindaloo burn party
(thanks Steve Burnette for playing and the photo!)

friday 3.2.07 - Local 506 - Carrboro, NC
US Christmas
Red Sparrowes - William Elliott Whitmore

thursday 1.25.07 - The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC
Fringe Fest collab w/ Hellblinki
Julie Bectum Bu-tap for John Jim Julien One More Fistful Julian Vorges Blake Beckham Scar/ed Elise Faires Vidoe No Shame Theatre Feral Chihuahuas Peter Brezney Video

wednesday 1.24.07 - Funky Night Owls - Hickory, NC
with Temple of Bon Matin, Cashio, Zach Kouns

thursday 12.21.06 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
collab with the Pursuit of Sleep

friday 12.1.06 - Black Cat Burrito - Boone, NC
with Clang Quartet

monday 11.6.06 - The Killing Floor - Hickory,NC
Mothercynt - Sikhara - Mr. Natural

thursday 11.9.06 - Bickett Gallery - Raleigh, NC
Subscape Annex collab
with Elmapi & Matterlink

tuesday 10.17.06 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
OVO (italia / Load Records) (listen to Mammut) Milan, Italy's Ovo are a two piece using guitar/violin cellos and drums that dump a toxic sludge with an unmistakable butterscotch scent. This sludge is in line with contemperous doom salesmen such as BORIS and the MELVINS, with the addition of vox stylings that take this record to a new place entirely. The sounds coming from Stephania Pedretti's mouth as she sings go from lullaby sweet to terrifyingly raw in short intervals.
Clang Quartet

sunday 10.15.06 - Artworks - Richmond, VA
804Noise Fest 2006
Harm Stryker collaboration

friday 9.15.06 - Tee & Coffee Company - Hickory, NC
Pony Payroll Bones - Mars Killed Mary

sunday 9.3.06 - The Underground
Atomic Bitchwax - Mountain of Judgement

friday 8.18.06 - Williamsburg Library Theatre - Williamsburg, VA
The Peninsula Experimental Arts Society presents
Khate, Controlled Dissonance, Consumption Experiment, Hindu Pez, Damion Champ, and feralcatscan

thursday 8.17.06 - The Underground
Husky (listen to Circle the Wagons)- A love of the Patrick Swayze, late ‘80s ass kicker, “Roadhouse,” cowboys and Indians, ‘70s classic guitar rock, the bands Clutch and Kyuss, American history, professional wrestling, fast cars, loose women, High Life, and an ongoing debate about Star Wars, old and new, fueled the “Wagon's” inception.
also with Mountain of Judgement - Hatemonger

saturday 7.29.06 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
collaboration with The Subliminator
Terset - Blue Man's God - Chop Top - Ironside - One Shot Kills

friday 7.21.06 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
collaboration with US Christmas
Hatemonger - Tom Devlin's Butt Sax - Ca$hio
and a whole lotta satan

saturday 7.9.06 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
with Yakuza Dance Mob - U.S.Christmas

tuesday 7.4.06 - Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
collaboration with Pony Bones, Mars Killed Mary, & Blizzards
with The Good Anna (UK), Blizzards (NYC)

monday 7.3.06 - Lenny's - Atlanta, GA
collaboration with Secret Life & Pensil
(and then hilarity ensued)
also played: Larvae and others

sunday 7.2.06 - Le Chateau Noir - Stoned Mountain, GA
Laundry Room Squelchers - Mugu Guymen - Double Trouble - Pony Bones - Black Meat - Suitcases - Subliminator - Them Natives, Mars Killed Mary

Chateau Noir

sunday 6.25.06 - The Visulite - Charlotte, NC
Hellblinki collab
with Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

thursday 6.22.06 - The Underground- Hickory, NC
projex imperia collab
w/ Crusades - The Press

monday 6.19.06 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
Yellow Crystal Star - Sluck - Lucky Space Rocket

saturday 5.13.06 - The Spazzatorium - Greenville, NC
Shoplifting - Camarillia - Sharks with Wings

saturday 4.22.06 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
A.S.G. - U.S. Christmas - The Dirty Harrys - Ambassador Lovesick

saturday 4.8.06 - Black Car Burrito - Boone, NC
Attention Deficit Destruction Fest
Spacelab - Giant - White Collar - the brontosaurus band - human pippi armstrong

sunday 4.2.06 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
collaboration with Steve Mackay & the Radon Ensemble
with Clang Quartet, Pax Imperia, The Dirty Harrys, PSF

"Tunnel Diner" LP released on QBICO Records *** SOLD OUT ***

saturday 4.1.06 - Amos' Southend- Charlotte, NC
collaboration with Steve Mackay & the Radon Ensemble

sunday 3.12.06 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
collaboration with Pax Imperia
with The Mathematicians - Hate Monger

helter stupid

saturday 2.25.06 - The Werehouse - Winston-Salem, NC
A 90-minute film and storytelling presentation by Mark Hosler, founding member of Negativland, with Q and A to follow. No lawyers were harmed in the making of this event!
Pranks, media hoaxes, media literacy, the art of collage, creative activism in a media saturated multi-national world, file sharing, intellectual property issues, evolving notions of art and ownership and law in a digital age, artistic and funny critiques of mass media and culture, so-called "culture jamming" (a term coined by Negativland way back in 1984).... even if you've never heard of Negativland, if you are interested in any of these issues you're sure to find this funny and inspiring presentation worth your time and attention. Is Negativland a "band"? Media hoaxers? Activists? Musicians? Filmmakers? Culture jammers? An inspiration for the unwashed many? A nuisance for the corporate few? Decide for yourself in this presentation that uses films and stories to illustrate the many creative projects, hoaxes, pranks and "culture jamming" that Negativland has been doing since 1980. Most famous for getting sued for their "U2" single, Negativland have had 25 years of fun being a thorn in the side of the corporate media and entertainment biz. They've released a gazillion CDs, do occasional tours, make little movies, and were the subject of San Francisco filmmaker Craig Baldwin's 1995 feature film "SONIC OUTLAWS".
with Ugly Dobro

tuesday 2.21.06 - Hot L - Birmingham, AL 142
the collaboration with Temple of Bon Matin that finally blew up the lighting controller. Yea!
A.M. Salad - Burzee - Dynasty - Heart2Heart - Rod Heydrich - Uke "Rattick" Sheffield - "Weird Al" Qaeda - Yakuza Dance Mob

monday 2.20.06 - Le Chateau Noir - Stone Mountain, GA
collaboration with Temple of Bon Matin
rotten milk vs. bubble gum shit face, social junk, brian miller and kevin shields, taiwan deth, pedestrian deposit, weird al-qaida, human error system, a.m. salad, u can unlearn guitar, temple of bon matin, unicorn hard on, amil is personal, jimmy cousins, val, pony bones, elyse perez, Uke"Rattick"Shefield

Chateau No-moire

sunday 2.19.06 - Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
collaboration with Matterlink & Elmapi
with Temple of Bon Matin, Zandosis

saturday 2.18.06 - Churchills - International Noise Conference - Miami, FL
Feb. 16, 17, 18 - 3 DAY NOISE FEST - FREE all 3 days
Temple of Bon Matin - Laundry Room Squelchers - Right Arm Severed - Doormouse - Ha Ha Help - D. I. B. - The Curious Hair - Wine - God Willing - Dino Felipe - Realicide - Robert Inhuman - Evolve - Black Meat - Rene Barge - Dopee Francisco - What's Yr Damage? - Sword Heaven - Dead/Bird - Byron House - Skeleton Warrior - R L Stein - Oubliette - Odem Press - Puke Attack / Gay Bomb - Occasional Detroit - Kites - Turmoiled Functions - This Is What Your Face - Blood Mountain - Smut - Blue Shift - The Oals - Noche Rider - Double Trouble! - Impractical Cockpit - Wet Cement - ReGurgiTron - Ironing - Death Gleamer - Bone Rattle - Spooky Kat - Noumena - Dynasty - U Can Unlearn Guitar - Can't - Monotract - Taiwan Deth - Leslie Keffer - Heart2Heart - Mouth Pet - Finkbeiner - Iovae - Brian Miller & Kevin Shields - Donna Parker - Charlie Draheim - Social Junk - Unicorn Hard On - Newton - AM Salad - Steam Drapula - Matthew Wascovich - Autio-ethik - Rotten Milk vs Bubblegum Shitface - America's Meth Problem - Valerie Allen

thursday 02.16.06 - The Milestone - Charlotte,NC
collaboration with Temple of Bon Matin
The Milestone rules all, rock on Ghetto Fortress - thanks for the last minute show and to the other bands:
Upsidedown Stars, The Redneck Manifesto, Attack Formation, Mons Verna

monday 2.13.06 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
with Mudboy, projexorcism vs. Pax Imperia

saturday 11.19.05 - The Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
collaboration with Cab Caligari / Subscape Annex / Phasmatodea member Steve Burnett
with Upsidedown Stars, Michael Thomas Jackson, Ugly Dobro, Clang Quartet

saturday 11.12.05 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory NC
Sinkhole City 1st Annual Noise Explosion
with Clang Quartet, Upsidedown Stars, Michael Thomas Jackson, The Truth Is, Drums Like Machine Guns

11.9.05 - The Milestone - Hickory, NC
Calabi Yau - Tarantula A.D. - Get Hustle

wednesday 11.2.05 - dBasement - Hickory, NC
The Planet The - Piss Shit Fuck - Manoir de Maniaque

saturday 10.22.05 - Cafe Driade - Chapel Hill, NC
collaboration with Cab Caligari
Wandering Star Project

friday 10.21.05 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
with The USAISAMONSTER, Kites, Look Up!, Primal Escapement, Upside Down Stars

usaisamonster, kites, projexorcism, primal escapement, look up!, upsidedown stars

sunday 10.16.05 - Artworks - Richmond, VA
804Noise Fest 2005
This year the 804noise Festival will be taking place Saturday October 15th (workshop & pre-fest events) at Chop Suey Books from 12pm - 6pm and Sunday the 16th (main event / label expo) at Art Works from 12pm - Midnight here in Richmond, Virginia.
Mark Richardson - Kohoutek (Washington, D.C.) - Mental Hygiene League- Vilam Priest & Controlled Dissonance- Khate & FeralCatScan- Red Canasta- AM Salad (Maryland) - Pataphonic- Birds in the Meadow- Black Meat (404noise/Atlanta) - The Caution Curves (Washington, D.C.) - ENE & Monolith Zero- Lust Ionics (NYC) - Brian Jones Percussion Ensemble - Nautical Almanac (Maryland) - Never Presence Forever- Xiphoid Dementia & Burnward (Pennsylvania) - Harm Stryker & Narcotic Dreams

804Noise Fest 2005

tuesday 10.11.05 - DC9 - Washington, DC
with LoVid, Violet
part of the Sonic Circuits Festival

sunday 10.9.05 - Fanjoy-Labrenz Studio - Hickory, NC
with LoVid

sunday 10.2.05 - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
visual collaboration with Pax Imperia

saturday 10.1.05 - The Werehouse - Winston-Salem, NC
with special guest collaborator Michael Thomas Jackson
& Devil Music Ensemble performing a soundtrack to Nosferatu!

saturday 9.24.05 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
$6 for 6 bands / all ages
Dana & the Robots, The Numbers,The Dirty Harrys, Pax Imperia, Subramanium

monday 9.12.05 - The Underground - Hickory, NC
with Pax Imperia, Northern Liberties & The Dirty Harrys

saturday 9.10.05 - Imperial Theatre - Augusta, GA
Hellblinki's annual monster collaborative performance spectacle
with Pyroteque, Behind the Masque, Zydepunks & Hope for a Golden Summer

friday 9.9.05 - Blackhouse - Stone Mountain, GA
Freedum Fest - 3 day fest 9.9, 9.10 & 9.11 - best fest ever - we got down & dum with

friday 8.19.05 - The Nanci Raygun - GetBent 2005 - Richmond, VA
Khate, FERALCATSCAN, The Silence Bureau, Controlled Dissonance

GetBent Richmond VA

thursday 8.11.05 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
Subliminator, SKOWEYAJEED, Upsidedown Stars

wizard saloon

sunday 7.31.05 - Castel del Ed Wilcox les BBQuex - Media, PA
Drugstore, Temple of Bon Matin, Modern Day Urban Barbarians

thursday 7.28.05 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
Modern Day Urban Barbarians, Junius, Upsidedown Stars, Jenius
We played about 10 minutes before the city unleashed a rolling blackout on our asses

friday 7.22.05 - Aja's Discotheque - Hickory, NC
Carbon City Project, Dana & the Robots, hide and seek, Look Up!, Redlight! Greenlight!

saturday 7.16.05 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
US Christmas, Manoir di Maniaque, Behind the Veil

friday 7.8.05 - 434Noise House - Charlotte Court House, VA
2 days of Noise on Noise mind-shattering overload going thru til Saturday the 9th!
Black History Moth, The Mental Hygeine League, Enoch 212, Skoweyajeed, O.N.E.,
Northern Liberties, Controlled Dissonance, Tedus McElwaix, Ca$h $lave Clique, Drums Like Machine Guns, Phasmatodea

We made the mistake of setting up during the afternoon - by the time darkness fell our equipment was covered with heavy condensation. Technical difficulties ensued.

434Noise Charlotte Court House, VA

7.5.05 Projexorcism awarded Catawba County Council for the Arts Innovative Project Grant
The Catawba County Council for the Arts awards a grant for
The Film-To-Video Regurgitation Array.

monday 7.4.05 - Fire Flies Festival - Greensboro, NC
Week long event organized by the Greensboro Community Arts Collective

monday 6.26.05 - The Garage - Winston-Salem, NC
with The Gill Aharon Sextet

thursday 6.16.05 - Fanjoy-Labrenz Studio - Hickory, NC
One of many events that transpired during the Art Crawl in downtown HKY

friday 6.3.05 - Downtown Gallery, University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN
Unreal Tornament 2005, Round 2 - Projexorcism vs. Potter-Belmar Labs
This competition, one of several performances taking place on the closing night of the exhibition, will pit two improvisational audio/video teams against each other, in the fashion of DJ and MC battles. Each team will take turns, responding to randomly chosen topics, and be judged by a panel of local Knoxville art professionals. First prize is the glory of triumph. Brought to you by Whitecouch/NYC

Armed Forces Day - saturday 5.21.05 - Casa Grande - Carrboro, NC
This was a party and a cookout but there was also a lot of installation and performance art.
Wandering Star Project, Third Mind Collective Films, Polebarn Poets

saturday 5.14.05 - Flight Test Records - Hickory, NC
with Remote Control Frequencies - SKOWEYAJEED unfortunately had a car wreck & couldn't make it

friday 5.6.05 & saturday 5.7.05 - French Broad River Festival - Hot Springs, NC
with Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Big City Sunrise, Stephanie's Id, Tyler Ramsey
The Biscuit Burners, The Gigi Dover Band, Backyard Tire Fire, Hammorton

May Day - sunday 5.1.05 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
with Captured! by Robots, Morbid Toothbrush (Afterbirth Casserole), Dig Shovel Dig, Labia Minor

captured by robots - the milestone

thursday 4.28.05 - Williamsburg Regional Library - Williamsburg, VA
with Feralcatscan, Khate & Harm Stryker

friday 4.22.05 - House of Aja - Hickory, NC
with Pax Imperia, Hide and Seek, Yayhooray, Dana and the Robots, and Calabi Yau

saturday 4.16.05 - The Underground - Hickory, NC - 7pm - $5
Alt3 Festival - thepursuitofsleep vs. projexorcism with
Common Ground - - D-Lab - Gemiinus Sect - Murder by Midnight - U.S. Christmas - Fluid - We All Bleed the Same - Piss Shit Fuck - Puj - Dirty Harrys - Somos Somos Dias del Muertos - Manoir de Maniaque - DJ Kazpur - DJ Dance Boi - DJ Freebox

saturday 4.9.05 - The Wedge Gallery - Asheville, NC
115 B Roberts (off Haywood Road by the river)
with Michael Thomas Jackson, Jabberwocky

friday 4.8.05 - The Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
with O.N.E. (with Michael Thomas Jackson, Bob Holub, Aaron Bachelder, Morgan
), Jabberwocky, Clang Quartet

thursday 4.7.05 - The Werehouse - Winston-Salem, NC
with Michael Thomas Jackson, Jabberwocky, Brown Frown

saturday 3.19.05 - The Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
collaboration with Khate & feralcatscan
with D-Lab, Manoir di Maniaque, The Other Half

thursday 3.17.05 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
with Khate, feralcatscan, Clang Quartet

friday 3.4.05 - The Old Live Arts Space / Michie Building - Charlottesville, VA
"A Night of Burning Soundtracks" - benefit show for Lighthouse Youth Media Center
with Tulsa Drone, Ostinato, Shimmy She Wobble

saturday 2.26.05 - The Old Library - Marshall, NC
with Sin Ropas / Nervous Films, Coven of One
Bob Moog was there!

saturday 2.19.05 - free103point9 - 97 S. 6th St. - Brooklyn, NY
collaborating with Charles Cohen
with Ting Ting Jahe, Matt Bua, Radio Ruido, Yuko Nexus6, Margarida Garcia + Barry Weisblat

wednesday 2.2.05 - The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
with Cities, Ugly Dobro, Handsome Banjo

saturday 1.15.04 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory NC
Projexorcism vs. U.S. Christmas (Bad Heart Bull CD release) , D-Lab

friday 12.31.04 - Highwire Gallery - Philadelphia, PA
with Radio Eris, Sub-Primitive, The Red Masque, Weed Poppers

thursday 12.30.04 - South Philadelphia Athenaeum - Philadelphia, PA
with Drugstore, Temple of Bon Matin, Cash $lave Clique, Drums Like Machine Guns, Charles Cohen, A Band From The Future, TALIBAM!

123004 Athenaeum

wednesday 12.29.04 - Church of Divine Energy - Philadelphia, PA
with Temple of Bon Matin, Harm Stryker, Modern Day Urban Barbarians

monday 12.27.04 - Apocalypse Lounge - New York, NY
with TALIBAM!, Temple of Bon Matin, others

friday 12.17.04 - Factory 324 - Roanoke VA
The theme of the evening: Do androids have nightmares before Xmas?
with The Receptors (music via circuit bent Gameboys!) with Mommy Was an Asteroid, The Violent Spectators & Abandoned Shell

thursday 12.16.04 - Downtown Art Crawl - Hickory, NC
unauthorized action during the Downtown Hickory Art Crawl - look for us on Union Square or in Trade Alley

sunday 12.12.04 - dBasement - Hickory, NC
with Clang Quartet, Michael Thomas Jackson & Morgan Kraft

friday 12.10.04 - Neighborhood Studio - Marshall, NC
with Clang Quartet & SKOWEYAJEED

saturday 12.4.04 - Art-O-Matic - 3rd & H Streets - Washington, D.C.
brought to you by the Campaign to Reduce Workweek Productivity
collaboration with Nathan from U.S.Christmas, Coven of One (featuring Aromantic Priestess), Big Mouse/Foam, Cash $lave Clique,
The Secret Circus, Jakki Glass, DCTribal, The Tigers of Eden, Noskilz Sound Syndicate

thursday 12.2.04 - The Milestone / Queen City Underground - Charlotte, NC
with Clang Quartet, D-Lab, & Upside Down Stars

friday 11.19.04 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory NC
with U.S. Christmas, Puj, & Arch

sunday 10.31.04 - The Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
with The Hellblinki Sextet, Pyroteque, Claire Storm, Cookie Griskowitz the Rodeo Clown
Dj Kantrip, Dj Vitae

sunday 10.31.04 -Fred & Donnie's - Bethlehem, NC
Early morning Halloween last minute house show with Puj & D-Lab

saturday 10.30.04 - Greensboro, NC
Mystic Karnival outdoor street fest - Projexorcism's 2nd collaboration with Hellblinki
with Tetragrammaton, Clang Quartet, Art Lord & the Self-Portraits,
Monsters of Japan, Orphan Soul, Tommygun, The Five L's,
Psychotic Pooch, Ronnie Chavis, Ruby Scarab, Torch Marauder, Patika Star, Profusion Fire Show

saturday 10.9.04 - Uber-Oktoberfest - Hickory NC
a very special unauthorized guerilla projexorcism show performed in downtown HKY behind HCT

sunday 10.3.04 - Artworks - Richmond, VA
804noise Fest 2004
The 804noise Fest is an all day music festival in Richmond, Virginia showcasing experimental & noise artists
mainly from Virginia. All proceeds go to benefit a non-profit of the coordinators choice, and artists perform for the sake of exposure
and community growth. This years non-profit recipient will be the Richmond Independent Media Center a radical news
resource for the Richmond community. The 2nd Annual 804noise Festival is slated for Sunday October 3rd at the Art Works Gallery.
This years festival will feature over 15 experimental and noise projects, visual artwork from local artists, workshops on circuit bending, community organizing, etc;
information tables from local radical and independent organizations such as Richmond Indie Radio, Food Not Bombs, Richmond Living Wage, Vegan Action, Richmond Queer Space Project, and more.
Mark Richardson, Jabber wocky, Mix Tape For Adrian, Vilam Priest, Never Presence Forever, Harm Stryker, sc:all, Laferrera, Ting Ting Jahe, Monolith Zero, Drums Like Machine Guns, Birds of Tin, ENE, Gen Ken Montgomery, Khate, Birds in the Meadow, FERALCATSCAN

friday 10.1.04 - Glitter Gallery - Raleigh, NC
North Carolina Atari and Classic Video Game Convention
with Mommy Was An Asteroid, Primium Mobile, Receptors (they'll introduce their Atari Synth!), more TBA
Enjoy classic video games from Atari, Coleco, Nintendo, Intellivision, Vectrex plus
many, many more. Battle for high scores and be part of the tournaments! Buy, sell, trade and enjoy pacman fever.

sunday 9.19.04 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
with Puj

saturday 9.11.04 - Chop Suey Books - Richmond, VA
with Liza Kate - thanks again Pat & Ward for the last minute show!

friday 9.10.04 - 304 N. Adams St - Richmond, VA
an 804Noise show - with Temple of Bon Matin & film artist Pat Doyen

saturday 7.24.04 - The Wizard Lounge
the rest of the bands booked were no-shows

friday 7.23.04 - Green Eggs & Jam - Anti-Belle Chere Festival - Asheville, NC
3 Days of live music the out of touch Bele Chere organizers did not want you to see:
Proximity Effect, White Collar Massacre, Rather Honey, Mandible, Cardboard Bombshelter, The Bite, Tue Crue Fur Yue, Nuklehead,
Ahleuchatistas, Doom Ribbons, Gavraband, My Fifty-Five, A Wake Up for Daedalus, Cannibal Unicorn, Ironfist, Self Contained Process, Dig Shovel Dig, Descolada, U.S. Christmas, Delicious, Clang Quartet

friday 7.16.04 - The Imperial Theatre - Augusta, GA
The Hellblinki Sextet CD release collaboration with Pyrotech, The Goodies, & Distal

friday 7.9.04 - The Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
with New Diviance
Made it back to NC by the skin of our teeth. Came to the realization that the car problems were caused by having 500 lbs. too much equipment in the car.

thursday 7.8.04 - Lamar's - Chattanooga, TN
with an exclusive showing of Jarrod Whaley's short film PIECES
Broke down several times on the way and eventually abandoned the car 20 miles south of Chattanooga on I-75 somewhere in Georgia. We flagged down a transfer truck and hitched a ride to Lamar's where the Shaking Ray Levi society & Jarrod were patiently waiting - it was awesome! A new alternator fixed the car (for a while)

wednesday 7.7.04 - Young Blood Gallery - Atlanta, GA

tuesday 7.6.04 - Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
Incidental Orchestra improv performance

monday 7.5.04 - Gate City Noise - Greensboro NC
with A Drop In Silence
Broke down twice on the way to this show. Minor work done to the vehicle to seemingly resurrect it.

sunday 7.4.04 - The Werehouse (formerly PS211) - Winston-Salem, NC
with Clarence Lee & Paul Bearer & the Clarence Lee & Paul Bearer Band, A Blue Tomorrow, Abe Reid & the Spikedrivers, Invisible States, The Ponies of Darkness (Sex Cells), Micah Blue Smaldone, Praise the Beast
Thanks to Chris & Murat for the ride!

saturday 7.3.04 - Night Light - Chapel Hill, NC
with Third Mind Collective, Billy Sugarfix
Thanks to Carlo from Wandering Star Project & Brandon from Third Mind for the rides!

friday 7.2.04 - Castelda's - Graham, NC
with U.S. Christmas

thursday 7.1.04 - Hart-Witzen Gallery - Charlotte, NC
with Somos Somos Dias Del Muertos, Sferic Array

tuesday 6.29.04 - 10:30pm - GCTV Channel 8 - Greensboro, NC
Ken B. airs the SPIDERFARM DVD+R for the first time on TV

friday 6.25.04 - Springwater Tavern - Nashville, TN
with Temple of Bon Matin

thursday 6.17.04 - Bickett Gallery - Raleigh, NC
with Birds In The Meadow, Phasmatodea

wednesday 6.16.04 - Heather's Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
with The Growth, A Nihilists Nightmare, The Amaranth Signal, Red Fades Before Blue, Legions of Destro, Iscariot

saturday 6.5.04 - 2 shows in 1 night - dBasement & The Wizard Lounge
with Nautical Almanac at the ´plex

sunday 5.23.04 - Vincent's Ear - Asheville, NC
with The Leah Quinelle All-Stars Featuring Happy!

5.4.04 - dBasement - Hickory, NC
with Happy Mothers Day I Can't Read, Ova!, The Pursuit of Sleep

4.30.04 - Free Texas Festival - Winston-Salem, NC
with usaisamonster, Nautical Almanac, Robotnicka, Dark Inside the Sun, Bruce Eisenbeil Trio, Long Live Death, Vialka. Monster Dudes, Ahleuchatistas, Corndawg, Bellafea, Des Ark, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan, Cerberus Shoal, All Astronauts, Seekonk, PushPull Men, Hope For a Golden Summer, Hellblinki, Japanese Afterlife Karaoke Experiment, Cowboys and Indians, Robotnicka, Uwharria, Dorkestra, Skoweyajeed, Whiskey Priest, Lazy Magnet, Warbomb, Ashrae Fax, Invisible States, Koonda Holaa

4.8.04 - Vincent's Ear - Asheville, NC
with Ahleuchatistas, Paper Moon

3.26.04 - Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
with Third Mind Collective

3.15.04 - PS211 - Winston-Salem, NC
with Max Noi Mach, Ground Monkeys

3.13.04 - Club Paradise - Hickory, NC
with Puj, Mountain of Judgement, Pursuit of Sleep, Heidi Sidelinker, The Graveyard Boulevard, Kazpur, Link, Freebox, US Christmas, Toggle, Fluid, DJ Devilchild, Scooby, As the Years Burn, N.U.A., Carl Correct, Syer, The Jewish Jungleist, Dance Boi

sunday 2.29.04 - The Left Festival - Lexington, KY
Temple of Bon Matin collab
with Burning Star Core, Taiwan Deth, Jackie O Motherfucker, AUK Theatre, Walter Carson, Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Iovae, Leslie Keffer, Owlconer, Pezhead, Porcupine, PRC, Leslie Q, N-Tron, Sword Heaven, Three Legged Race, Two Headed Snake, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Von Hemmling

2.28.04 - upstairs house show - Louisville, KY
with Sword Heaven, Keenan Lawler, Temple of Bon Matin, 16 Bitch Pileup

2.27.04 - The Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
with Mito Band, Shipping News

1.29.04 - The Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
with Sferic Array, No Star, Third Mind Collective

1.17.04 - The Wizard Lounge - Hickory, NC
with Mountain of Judgement, U.S. Christmas

1.1.04 - Mummer Lookout - Philadelphia, PA
with Temple of Bon Matin, Radio Eris

12.23.03 - Hickory Community Theatre - Hickory, NC
with Sferic Array, LoVid

saturday 11.1.03 - Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
DEAD PIRATES BALL with Hellblinki, Pyrotech

friday 5.9.03 & saturday 5.10.03 - French Broad River Festival - Hot Springs, NC
with Custom Grass Snakes, Laura Blackley Band, Sawbilly Rooster, Hobex, Steep Canyon Rangers, Tater, Sons of Ralph, Ryght Ear, Strut, Patrick Bradshaw & the Holiday Ramblers

saturday 8.30.03 - VFW - Hickory, NC

8.17.02 - the night the sinkhole opened - Gary's Beach Club - Hickory, NC
Collapse & Fall collab
with Persons of Mean & Vile Condition, Forgotten Generation, Sluck, Black Iron Prison

tuesday 7.30.02 - Amos Howards - Hickory, NC
Movie nite - The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

saturday 7.27.02 - Hooker's - Hickory, NC
DJ Slate, Camo, Naz.T Nate, Link , Duper-Dupe, Freebox plus Majik Or Not by Ken the magician and Becky the balloon clown.

tuesday 7.23.02 - Amos Howards - Hickory, NC
Movie nite - Target...Earth? & Albert Einstein: The Education of a Genius

saturday 7.20.02 - Sunny Ridge - Chapel Hill, NC
with Sferic Array, ping-pong tourney

tuesday 7.16.02 - Amos Howards - Hickory, NC
Movie Nite - Phantom of the Opera

tuesday 7.9.02 - Amos Howards - Hickory, NC
Movie nite - Freaks

monday 4.29.02 - Field & Frame - Albuquerque, NM
The Somnabulist (Psychic TV's Scott Nobody) / Body of Binky collab

5somnabulist barbie pj4
Thanks to Cooper and his Basement film crew they let us play at field and frame after hearing that our show at Burt's was canceled do to the fact they closed down out of the blue. We met Allen the owner who is a super Cool Cat.. I belive looking at Allen then looking at Ed then looking at Allen again I realised that I was looking at Ed's Mr Meogi or his Yoda. Allen had everything Ed could ever hope to have. Ed meeting Allen I think made Ed believe even more in the game. "Projections not on flat wall in front of you Projection, are up here in head". The show started off w/ some kinda ritual where Me Myself and I became one with Nobody in a live performance of a piercing of the Somnabulist Doll (in stores everywhere). Next up was me. I treated everyone to a semi-nude show as I dropped my overalls for the bloodlet (sorry to all the lady's that I made sex hot). While this was going on Vin was talking to our good old friends Ranada and Jacqui whom we owe all of our Albq. experiences to since they were the 1st to let us play Insurgo. Thank you my lovely ladies we are forever grateful. At some point jac came in Ranada pee'd out side and Somnabulist went on. After A full day of hearing Wimpo tell me she stinks and she is going to run off stage because she was scared she got up there and ripped on that bass of her's. Only after 3 songs Nobody's gutar went out, I didn't get it at the time but after seeing the video back I realise that them standing there while skip tried to fix his axe was a part of the show, that has not been confirmed yet but I have a funny fealing the joke was on us, If you know Nobody then you know that only Nobody could do something like that and pull it off and even if he didnt mean to and the guitar really was broke the mere fact that I even think that it was all a part of their set makes it 10x better and that Paul and Wimpo would be the perfect cast to pull off whatever they did and they did. Next up was Body of Binky w/ Ed Wilcox (Temple of Bon Matin) and Scott Nobody (Psychic TV and Somnabulist). Wow I was hope'n this show would be what it was and it was. This all star binky lineup was the greatest yet I hope I can get Scott and Ed to play with Us on every show. Copy of the show will be available on CDrom or Vhs. I don't know how to explain how great the show was for Vin and I other then that it felt like we were a part of something great that night.. and we were (and you can be too just send your address on a 3x5 index card along w/ $10 and you yes you can enjoy that night every night either on cd rom of vhs). After the show We went back to the wimpo commune where she and Nobody began to toss back a lot of sky vodka we shortly thereafter joined in, that is after we gave mad props to Allen for let'n us play his space. We partied down like it was some date in earth year time (by this point I lost alot of blood). Soon as skip got done blending our drinks Pauli was drink'n them. Marcos, Cindy and Keith stopped in and partook in on the partaking because even though I likes to get Biz zay I like to par tay and gets down... yeah.. WELL FUCK this is where the rest of the shit crashed and burned. We woke up took it to a tranny place it was the seals and no one would just fix the seal w/ out rebuilding the whole tranny since there was so many miles on it. Our choice was $1500 or try to keep put'n tranny fluid in and hope to make it home. No one had $1500 and even if we did no one could take us till friday the 3rd and would not get the van back til the 6th so we had to Fucking call and cancel the rest of the fucking tour. For all the people out there who think it's hard to book a tour try and cancel one and see much harder that shit is. We crept back into the berthoud compound some how we made it here! Vin is going to try to make to H town where he has to drop off Ed Then trek back up to NJ all on this bum trans! Don't tell anyone about the tran as Vin is going to trade the Van in for some small RV... we already looked at some. This fucking blows. To all who we had to cancel sorry, but I know you all know how this goes and I think you all have even been in our shoes! For all that we played to, thanks for buy'n stuff and clap'n.. For all who put us up along the way a big thanks for let'n us invade your life for a short time or a long time depending on how you perceived our stay. To all the bands we played with keep hope alive... yeah to all the mother fuckers who dont how to make trasmissions fuck'n suck it! We may have lost this battle but We will win the war on drugs. SELF MEDICATE...adiggy doo..

sunday 4.28.02 - The Green House - Amarillo, TX
Body of Binky collab
We get into town and get lost, fuck mapquest we call and then we realise that we are 1 hour late because of the time change. We pull up to a shit load of punkers hanging out side of the Green House, where immediately Ed feels the deepest pangs of guilt and regret for not having charged the camcorder and snatching up some more videotapes to document the show (sorry, no damn pictures for this day - bummer). We missed the 1st band but we heard that they were a christian Rock band and that racked so hard that Jesus himself was bang'n his head and throwin' up his horns. The next band was from the ATL, that's Atlanta and dem boys played some of the coldest hardcore shit I ever heard. I think they played like 20 songs in like 30 mins, some bad ass shiznit! So after 2 hardcore bands one down for jesus and one down for the devil we are up. Coop starts projecting up on somebody's bunk bed projecting onto the wall 8 feet away and we start to play and after all these hardcore mutha fuckers were in such a rage we go on and rip them back from this point of fury that the other 2 bands put them in and slam them in to some kinda of sound trance I guess because they stuck around for the whole show and bought shit. Keith and the the Green House wreck'n crew are Some fuck'n cool ass mo fo's who know how to put on a show so make sure you stop and play there they will do you right! After the show we met up with another cool fucker Karl from Hubrist he took us over to Rick Dicculous of Lava Tone studio where we found out that Rick is doing some cool shit, we need to hook up w/ this guy next time.Once again We had a fucking great time in Amarillo and I am glad because what happends next fucking sucks. We needed to get back to Albuquerque as early as we could because we had alot of shit to do, so we drove that night. Along the way we decided to catch some z's and ended up sleeping later than we wanted, but what happend next has threw us into a pit of depression! Ed and Vin are following in Ed's car and Ed and me are in the Van (for the record I wasn't drivin') Ed wakes me up "John does that look like alot of smoke?" I say " no dude that is alot of smoke" there was a rest stop right there so we hurry and pull off and look under the van and there is smoke and what we thought at the time was oil because the fluid was so black. After we let the van cool down we decided since we were in the middle of nowhere that we would chance try'n to make it back to nobody's. We knew we where Fucked! We crept back into town and took the van to a zip lube, he confirmed we were fucked! He said it was the trans that was blowing fluid and it looked to him that it was the tranny seals...Sad times...We went back to Pauli's place (we parked next to her New matrix) and decided to call a transmission place in the morning.

friday 4.26.02 - Industrial Nation - Colorado Springs, CO
Body of Binky collab
with The Gehenian Scientist, Voxinst
gehennian scientist
We played Industrial Nation, Sherrie the owner was very nice however we did not have much time to talk because she was chasing gas huffing crackheads out of her parking lot. The local band The Gehennian Scientist started the show off, playing their set sent us into a gothic industrial time warp. It was fuckin great! Voxinst from Denver followed up with a gripping performance, this 3 piece blended laptop electronica, squeally sliding guitar and sexy vocals into a great show. Body of Binky played their second show with the legendary Ed Wilcox of Temple of Bon Matin. We all got lost in the ensuing swirl of sound and film. The video screen at the club was showing Akira which complemented the 16mm film stuff. The audience must have been lured into a trance due to the amount of merch we pimped. Our new friends Brett, Chris and Murph partied down with us and let us crash at their place. We were intoxicated on more than altitude.

thursday 4.25.02 - Linoleum - Denver, CO
Body of Binky collab
with Laundry Room Squelchers, Xela Zaid, Plutonium Pie, Page 27
rat bastard's neckless guitar page 27linoleum denver
We get off the exit and pass Coor's Field and various creepy crawlies and arrived at Linoleum,a great art space, right across from a liquor store (so you know its good) on Laramie.. Luke has got it going on there - various local artists had their works on display, it deserves your unconditional support. Three of the other four bands were there already in a mini-van smaller than ours - The Laundry Room Squelchers , Plutonium Pie , and Xela Zaid - they started their tour at Churchills in Miami a weeks ago. Meanwhile, we were all wondering where the hell Ed Wilcox was, last we had heard from him he was 4 or 5 hours out of Denver hurtling non-stop out of Philadelphia, to join us for a few shows.... Page 27, opened the show -. main members John Gross and John Russmen were joined by 2 additional members tweaking out various modified electronic gadgets, . This was all accompanied by twisted self-produced video work shown on a 13" television. This wall of noise was a perfect way to start the evening. During the final moments of Page 27's set, Ed Wilcox shows up sleep deprived and speeding ticket in hand,ready to rock and roll Philly style. We set up and played a very ambient set which may have changed the face of Bink forever. This was one of those legendary shows you plan on telling your grandkids about. Xela Zaid played guitar and sang while Rat Bastard made some crazy sounds on the Neckless Guitar and saxophone. Next up Plutonium Pie if talk softly and carry a big stick means anything, they talk very softly and carry a Real big fucking stick! J, Lucy, and Max are some right on cats and I am not say'n that just because all 3 of them sleep in my sleeping bag.I hope all the meds I gave you Max helped!! Yeah a whole band fit in my sleeping bag, what of it? The Laundry Room Squelchers were on next, which is a Miami Vice Noise Machine driven on a revoked licence by Rat Bastard. After the smoke cleared we all went back to Berthoud for hot chocolate and cotton candy.

wednesday 4.24.02 - The Starlight - Fort Collins, CO
Body of Binky collab
We played w/ a local band called PSYCHOTROPIC not that it helped the draw. By the Name of the band you should be able to tell they were Hardcore.The hair and the over play'n made for a true hardcore show..they rocked we Loved it. We got loaded ran into some old friends which made for a great time and a great show. This show for sure it brought closure to our short life in Ft.Collins it was fun! It's just too pretty to live in Ft. Collins for us dirty jersey boys. Philly here we come!

friday 4.19.02 - The PoP Up House - Grand Junction, CO
Body of Binky collab
with Samsara
samsara grand junction
After a Long beautiful drive We get into town the 1st thing we see is Million Dollar homes, we new the club was nowhere near yet! We get to the Pop up House and were greated by a bunch of people who helped us bring in our gear...for real Yo! The other band was set up and ready to play.Chris has his shit together! The 1st band, Samsara was fucking great! It was a beautiful thing to see such young dudes who get it! They were a blend of ambient/jazz/noise they just started this project and I hope they keep at it because it really was great. We tried to encoraged them like a drunk uncle would.
We went on we blew our brains out while projexorcism people in a trance except this time the cops came and broke every thing up and made everyone leave but not before people clapped and bought stuff...KC had an after party and treated us great, we had to leave early to go back to where we
stayed..leaven the party sucked because there was girls there... not that any of them talked to us but it was neat! We are dorks! Chris is the man he treated us great and took care of us, everyone should be so lucky to be hosted by a culb as we were at the Pop up House!

thursday 4.18.02 Ted & Wally's Ice Cream Parlor - Omaha, NB
Body of Binky collab
with The Naturaliste
13 2
We pull into town after a long boring ass drive across Colorado and Nabraska.The 1st thing we see is a crack deal so we knew the club was near.
To our disbelief it wasn't. The show was at an ice cream parlor, so we played to a bunch of girls licking ice cream cones while we played...for real YO! The show was a rock'n roll mother fucker. The naturalist started it off with a wall of noise, Lonnie defilled his violin in such away that I almost
called the cops and reported a sex crime...We loved it!

wally's ice cream

saturday 2.9.02 - The Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
with Polemic

March 30, 2002 - Fat City - Charlotte, NC
Las Elefinas - Dorkiest Show on Earth collab

Dorkiest Show on Earth

friday 11.30.01 - Groovy Toos - Hickory, NC
Collapse & Fall collab
with Black Iron Prison, Forgotten Generation, Stone of Abel

saturday 11.17.01 - Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
with Shark Devilles, PSF & Gravy

10.27.01 - Lenny's - Atlanta, GA
Daniele Brusaschetto / Onusboton collab
with Karl Ray, Terminal IF, Sikhara

friday 10.26.01 - Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
Onusboton collab
with Karl Ray, Daniele Brusaschetto, Terminal IF, Sikhara

wednesday 9.5.01 - Insurgo - Albuquerque, NM
We broke down in the desert town of Vaughn, NM and missed our original date at Insurgo. Marcos & Kief of
Basement Films rearranged this date on our return trip from Burning Man

friday 8.31.01 - Burning Man Festival - Black Rock Desert, NV
projected images over the chaos onto the side of Todd Rundgren's tiki bar
* NEW - The Burning Man Tour Diary rescued from oblivion thanks to

wednesday 8.22.01 - Murat's Corner Graveyard Home - Austin, TX
I believe this is the first show ever played under the name of Projexorcism. This show was "organized" about 15 minutes after our arrival.. Anyway we were on the ABQ flyer as Projexorcism. Anyway this was a fun show - there was a kegerator on the front porch of this house facing a monster graveyard and a corner crack house. Denizens of Austin showed us love. But a neighbor called us assholes for playing until 8am, well after the sun had come up and film could only be heard, not seen. Ok, point taken.

satuday 8.11.01 - Peter M. Wallace Bipedal Refuge - Bethlehem, NC
Projexercise Burning Man mock up

saturday 6.23.01 - Peter M. Wallace Bipedal Refuge - Bethlehem, NC
another dusk til post-dawn event, this time called Projectorgasm. Only one trash bag full of film this time.
I passed out and woke up in the sun with a wickedly lopsided sunburn.

friday 6.1.01 - Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC
Koonda Holaa & the Beetchees collab
with Girly Freak Show, Zamora the Torture King, Frankenstein Drag Queens

thursday 5.31.01 - Uncle Doctors - Columbia, SC
Koonda Holaa & the Beetchees collab
with Girly Freak Show, Zamora the Torture King

saturday 5.26.01 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA
Onusboton collab
with Koonda Holaa, Pineal Ventana, Praying for Oblivion, Pineal Ventana

thursday 5.23.01 - Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
Onusboton collab
with Koonda Holaa, Pineal Ventana, Praying for Oblivion

tuesday 5.21.01 - Tastyworld - Athens, GA
Onusboton collab
with Koonda Holaa, Pineal Ventana, Praying for Oblivion

saturday 5.18.01 - Joe's Diner - Nashville, TN
Onusboton collab
with Koonda Holaa, Pineal Ventana, Praying for Oblivion, Electronic Playgirl, New Faggot Cunts
Nashville Scene press blurb

2001 - The Geodesic Dome of Isaac - Chapel Hill, NC
Whisky enduro complete with naked girls and a woodburning hot tub

11.11.00 - The Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
Sikhara collab
with Pineal Ventana - The Hellblinki Sextet

sunday 10.29.00 - Speak in Tongues - Cleveland, OH
Koonda Holaa & the Beetchees does Sikhara collab
with The Falling Object is a Man

saturday 10.28.00 - 123 Pleasant - Morganton, WV
Sikhara collab
with Koonda Holaa & the Beetchees - Karl Ray - Who Killed Teacher - Pineal Ventana - Gil Mantera's Party Dream

friday 10.27.00 - The Pudhouse - Charlottesville, VA
Sikhara collab
with Pineal Ventana - Koonda Holaa & The Beetchees - usaisamonster

monday 7.31.00 - The Velvet Lounge - Washington, DC
Sikhara collab
with Eugenics Council, Rosemary Malign

saturday 7.29.00 - The Pudhouse - Charlottesville, VA
Sikhara collab
with usaisamonster - Koonda Holaa & The Beetchees - Jesus Crust

?.?.00 - The Lazy I - Myrtle Beach, SC
The Geisha Girls collab

1999 - Peter M. Wallace Bipedal Refuge - Bethlehem, NC
my very first film show, this dusk til dawn outdoors event was dubbed "Projectoplasm" and involved organic mind
palpitators in copious quantities. I ended up having to respool 4 trash bags worth of film over the next few days


Shows That Never Were

saturday 6.25.05 - The Can Company - Roanoke, VA
"The word disaster has been characterized as " an unfortunate combination of events that, had they happened singly, would not have
resulted in a disaster". A series of events that I see combining at (the Can Company) are:
1) The start of demolition on-site that you had indicated to me would start after 6/30/2005.
2) Exit and emergency lights not functioning properly.
3) Closing in of a doorway and installation of an unauthorized door and hardware.
4) Apparently moving of an electrical panel without the required permit and inspection.
5) Removal of an exterior wall and temporary shoring up of the roof.
6) No guardrails and separation only by a temporary construction fence.
7) Potential for damage to the sprinkler system during demolition.
The conditions on-site create an unsafe condition for the type events that your temporary certificate of occupancy permits at this location and
I must revoke certificate of occupancy #XXXXXX effective today 6/1/2005. Many times I have referred to the criteria that I use most often when trying
to make the building code work for our customers.....
1) Does it make sense?, and;
2) Can I sleep at night with the decisions I make?
The answer to both of these questions as it relates to continuing occupancy at this location is an absolute NO.
That's why after struggling with this issue for the past several days, I made this decision at 3:00 AM this morning.
I hope that you will understand that this decision is made in the interest of public health, safety and welfare. I am committed to ensuring that
the next disaster and major loss of life in this country will not be (caused by Projexorcism) in Roanoke Virginia."
Karl S. Cooler, Roanoke Building Commissioner

friday 4.1.05 - 804 Noise Street Action - Richmond, VA
cancelled due to thunderstorms

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