p r o j e x o r c i s m 2 0 0 1 r o a d d i a r y

Saturday, September 8th: Another Deep Thruster Burn gets us within interface range of Austin Tee Exe by dawn. Interior of the Minister notes it is the 4th dawn seen from behind the controls of the Module, which says nothing of his actual pilot time, only timing. Query to contact agent at vacation coordinates Wimberly leads to denial of service due to full facilities, however, Blanco river is swollen. Sanity talked back into certain injured and water-withdrawl dementia stricken team member as to possible general fault protection error occuring if said river were to receive tube transfusion. Risk is forgone and replaced by couch rerouting and postelectric leisure studies.

Friday, September 7th: Everything is erasable. The alchemist's smelter burns the transmorgrifications. Lead into something more lewd. Monkeyweh casts a harsh grin on us as our warp vector changes. Our cloaking devices are operational at 99%, rerouting replicator ballast replicates new routing. Cabalistic regeneration will not take place for many lightyears. Advanced cloning techniques horrify even ourselves.

Thursday, September 6th: Cheese Box Butte recedes occidentally from RAM to hardrive for later retrieval and redispersal. Pacha Mama sheds a tear as her disciples lay witness to the raping and pillaging of her placental ichor for mass consumption by malignant space monkey tumor nanoboobs. Offering is downloaded into the geonet and curses and taunts are launched at the Four Cornered, humanized, terraform harnessing. Shiprock butte looms communal periphery as Comprehension of Chaotic Totality just experienced sinks into group in natural randomness. Transcibing the wise gibberish of the Monkey God into digestable data morsels becomes main focal point to post-cataclysmic retention and reinsertion into Manbot's Mind-Grinding Global De-differentiator, thus allowing group default protection against manbot hive mind and the tentacles of the Municipal Octobot Suckhole.

Wednesday, September 5th: Having been partially invigorated by Pacha Mama's Trinkets of Natural Wonderment, Team Monkey God embarks on further ecoletrical biobarbarianisms. Artifacts holistically imbibed: monolithic metaterrestial Maternaship crash sites where obvious rupture of space monkey holding hull was breached, thereby releasing protoman denizens for future gentri-absorbtion. The paradoxical pantomimes become apparent and mind unification a temporary reality. Giants dangle on puppet strings and lizards with crumbs in their teeth pick lint out of each other's butts.

Tuesday, September 4th: Consultation with the Boracle of Hyper Velocity yields knowledge of secret Thermo-Geo-Aquatic-Rejuvenation-Dribbles from the mouth of the Monkey God. Naked manbots confabulate in the matrix of his sputum. Oblivion is rent asunder and driven aftward into the Ontological Biosis and the True Monkey Bot is perceived. Pacha Mama transmits communal Call to Arms and refuge is sought in the Hills and Canyons of the Cerebral Peripheries. Solitary forces celestial bridge vast innerstices in order to attain communal brain tube. Synapse connection established. Please continue.
Monday, September 3rd:
The exodus commences. We take numerous, uncatalogued playa samples in every orifice of Module and our epidermal collection units. Reno, Goddess of Disease and Expectorants, once again showers benefactions on her devoted disciples.

Sunday, September 2nd:
The mausoleum burns. Sensory overload causes thermal cerebral cortex imprinting. Regenerative chambers are exploited for their healing powers.

Saturday, September 1st:
The Man Burns. I cannot find my camp, I cannot answer questions. Diagnosis: heat exhaustion. The rejection of contemporary reality is a conscious decision. Illusions only remain in existence as long as energy is put into them. Nanotech becomes a footnote as the disco-bunny shows us the way. Obnoxious dawn heckling of potential "leavers" spreads across our skewed consciousness like icing on retro-fitted plasma torque converters.

Friday, August 31st:
The scale of this event becomes perverse once this planetoid's star illuminates the playa. Encompassing many square centimeters. Some cute bipeds choose to forego ultraviolet protection in favor of a more esthetically pleasing natural state. Dehydration becomes a grim reality. Tod Rundgren's tiki shelter becomes a screen for 16mm illusions. The playa is merciless to celluloidal artfacts, rendering their continuity incontinent. Projexorcism camp fades from our vision nitrous-like in the wake of spackle-like destruction.

Thursday, August 30th:
Module comes out of her sub-space warp into the middle of the Los Vegas quadrant. This sucking black hole sound slurps the heavy metal right out of the pockets of all non-sentient beings. Cocktail waitresses ignore the lower socio-economic strata. Only by reversing our ionic propulsion revulsion drive are we able to escape the fate of many.
Reno provides us with her arsenic laced hydro-fuel. Neon fades into playa. Civilization has been contacted. Her dusty undergarments are our safe harbor in this tempest of techno. Sensory input is modified and tweaked to a more comfortable level. This is Crack Rock City.

Wednesday, August 29th:
Barring another Sickly Cosmic Humor Lesson in Murphy's Law we will be
extricating ourselves from the Desert Portal of Ibeaturkey, Nevaux Mexicrack. After reunification with the Module, an epic race across the Death Lands will ensue, ending in a pile of self-sufficient naked chaos. What kind of Godbot could keep us from such debauchery? Buffer underrun errors and the inevitable critical protection faults inherent in our analog to digital interfacing programs in the future will be divided by zero. Suspension of hierarchtypal belief systems force us to recompile our reality interpretators' binhex ganglia. Hardwiring to follow.

Tuesday, August 28th: An insignificant victory in the nanotech-wars is won. Module's transflux capacitation
overhaul leads to problems in the etheric homoginization unit, pushing departure back 18 hours, straining our life support biofeedback arrays to the limit. Our anti-gravity injector's unpredictable behavior necessitates the purging of certain undesirable celluloidal artifacts. Periodic table of elements is consulted. Can we safely substitute tritium isotopic solutions for plutonium pellets? Interior of the Minister rejects his cortical implants and instead relies on murky whispers from his own personal inner monkey. The Inner Monkey's Wisdom Quip of the Day is "It's all Indistinguishable Gray Matter with Little Bursts of Happenings". Relate your own tangential reflex to the vector of the soul.

Moday, August 27th:
Good news/bad news: Module needs massive transflux capacitation overhaul, however,
estimated launch time is Tuesday afternoon, thus re-instating primal drive to achieve cataclysmic Burning Man transmorgification ritual. The vacation from the vacation will end but today is a day of self-indulgent lazyism.
We discover that imbibing local spirits allows for temporary respit from sporatic nano-tech psych-warfare
strikes. Hyper-cine arrangements made for Sept.5th.

Sunday, August 26th: Stark realization #7 that module-assisted bio shelter will be plugged into Skynet for
reconfiguration come Monday leads to group pact to seek out and assimilate other Humbots like
ourselves, in an effort to keep out of local criminal depot. Many smooth attempts to transgenderize our socialization yields mixed results. Shelter is found and the nano-war rages.
Desecrator of Celluliodal Artifacts meets other fringe illusion producing manbots like himself. Projectorisms bleed on into the night.

Saturday, August 25th:
The module gets caught in a wormhole of sorts. 100 miles of tow-truckedness
stare us in the face. When ejected from our hyperspace it is in Albuquerque, NM. The year is 1973. How did
this happen? Contact is made with Insurgo, entertainment greedily swallowed without chewing. A
module-assisted bio shelter is constructed in the shadow of a used car lot and a transmission
place. Our self-contained nano-tech mutinies. Goatheads litter the wind-swept

Friday, August 24th: Disaster strikes at high noon in Vaughn, NM. Vaughn's only mechanic, Norbert,
gives a not-exactly thrilling diagnosis of the problems with the module. Norbert is
dazzled by our 24th century Terran tech. A surrogate womb is prepared suiting our
infantile needs. Nanobots show early signs of wear and tear. Burning Man objective is
not forsaken, however a snippet of doom pervades the air.

Thursday, August 23rd: NAFTA friendly sub-contractors arrive on the Plane of Tutorial Escapism
to assist in the Superfund cleanup effort. Fourth projexorcist is fully
assimilated and jacked into the module.

Wednesday, August 22nd:
Re-re-education occurs across from a cemetary in Austin. Locals
launched into a state of spiritual purgatory. Some things are best
left untold. Evolution gets a big slap in the ass.

Tuesday, August 21st: Vast expanses of "road" crossed in real-time. Potholes are given statehood.
Mild carbon-monoxide haze turns projexorcists against one another. Austin objective achieved,
texmex downloaded and installed,
module placed in a quasi-tempering solder flux for later defragmentation and scandisk.

Sunday slash Monday, August whenever: One foot out the door, the other around the neck and through
the nose. We have created a Monster, and it's name is Module! It slices! It dices! It lights up
and down and everything nices. Does everything you wish YOU could
do, but BETTER, FASTER and SEXIER! What are YOU WAITING FOR?! Order yours today! Offer good for just TWELVE MINUTES!
Why wait? This one-time-only 11 minute special is not available in stores, but it could
be yours for the low, measly price of
Or at least a weekend. Sleep deprived and on the brink of celestial shove-off...
It's amazing my handlers let me anywhere near a computer machine. When the dragon sleeps,
morning glories twine betwixt his toes.

Saturday, August 18th: Began packing and outfitting the Module. Long day. Longer night. Countdown
to Insanity Launch retrograded to fit poly-dysfunctional Mind Control. Neutralization imminent. Roger Waco Alpha Sex, this is Mind Control. Come in Alpha Sux. Do you copy? Over.

Friday, August 17th: Headache Oche. Libets and stinkle fisters. Two more day units. Rewrite will. Organize
jar collection. Eat raw fish.

Thursday, August 16th: Work hard play hard. Garage Laboratories yields 3ply foam padding for Vanship, seismic readings, DC lights check and more bad ass Improvasew Insanity by the soon to be famous
Mosquiter Beater Peter, who we'll have to have checked for anemia before we hit the road.
Later, descent upon local area brew despension hut allows twillings of a chapel hill quartet to downcount on our heads, producing such obvious dementia that critters are brought back to Headquarters for further degeneracies and libations. Somehow, it's all part of the big elaborate plan.

Wednesday, August 15th: Since we we're ahead of schedule (excuse) I took the afternoon off to
be with my tubes, and mi padre, at Wilson creek. A last bit of respit before the madness incurs. Everyone else probably worked hard and said a few curses in my name, but hey, I'm the one who has to carry that heavy heavy karmic load. Mmm Angle the deflector shields while I charge up
the main guns.

Tuesday, August 14th: Packets and modules begin arriving via postal service. Normal post-drone
mind melding at HomeWorld Headquaters' Garage Laboratories produces deduction that
we are actually going to pull this thing off. Time to sew the tipi and start pulling levers and twisting knobs.

Monday, August 13th: A computerised master list of 100 films to bring on the road is begun.   Full realization of what is going to happen in 7 days occurs.
Even though we don't quite have theme camp and van completed, work on
rounding up personal items, developing menu, tweaking van and packing van
must persist along side. This is the week of trinkets. The week we turn the Vanjector into
the Back to the Future car. If we have time we'll install
a Flux Capacitor, but it's not necessary. A rotating ion de-syncher would be
more useful, complete with encryption modulators and a anti-positron regulator. I don't
know if that's legal or not in Nevada. Where is Nevada?

Sunday, August 12th: Cleanup at the PeMWallBedPlantLiP. Due to the extensiveness of the mind-razing incurred the night before, this was a day of rest.
As it should be, Amen.

Saturday, August 11th: The a.m. rendezvous turns out to be more like 7pm, putting us
at the PeMWallBedPlantLiP at 8pm. Forcast calls for storms in the evening, conduits will
act as our ship's lightning rods. The d*u*k*e*p*o*w*e*rô matrix's shortcomings can
be ignored. A full mockup is never accomplished though the screen works as anticipated.
The generator performs beautifully, however during the audio setup a specially made XLR male
to XLR male cable becomes an XLR male to 3 unsoldered strands, requiring some creative
use of crimp connectors and a drill. Re-programming of certain "dissident" elements is carried
out successfully. Fungal properties of the evening contribute to the re-education.

Friday August 10th: The final stitches are put into the screen. The recycled speakers
are implanted into the master brain, a master's and johnson experiment
gone awry. Unspeakable things done to film in the name of science. Late work begins on a
play list for the projexercise .

Thursday August 9th: Rendez-vous at headquarters leads to multi-faction functionating. Last minute web purchases, more outfitting in the van, a sordid trip to an unnamed but well known mega surplus mega store to stock up on anything from ramen noodles to power cords. The DC/lighting problem was solved and a deep cycle marine boat purchased but untested. Later, we
made flyers for Projexercise and attempted
to affect a pocket of local area hippies. Intricacies of literature
caused several hippies to reverse-mutate. We watched with amusement.

Wednesday August 8th: We have POWER! In the form of a compact and quiet generator provided by the trancendental blessifications of Reepco and all it's holy wonderments. Who cares what else happened today, we have the juice. They can't stop us now.

Tuesday August 7th: Screen pole system tested. Reassured promises by ReepCo on generator. More procurement, more sewing. Site plan remastered to portray true destablement of participants as well as chaos parameters. Interior of the Minister gets the keys to the internet and is now able to make posts, such as this one. "Is this a safe idea?", one asks. Obviously, it is too early to tell.

Monday August 6th : Our camp mock-up deadline projexercise
is formally announced, to be held Saturday, August 11th. 5 days to get ready. Team technician does
the hardware circuit in search of the perfect double pulley. It remains elusive. master matician
claims to "probably have one around somewhere". Potential storage bins for projectors measured,
analyzed and argued over. A day of think more than do. Site plan adjustments made at 2am. The bug
has bitten and her teeth seem endless.

Sunday August 5th
: Some of the metal pole assembly completed. The roof rack for the
van has been assembled. Speaker enclosures partially rebuilt. New pants made, now
the crotch rides too low (for some). Hats for everyone.

Saturday August 4th : More 5-gallon buckets join our arsenal.
The sewing of the screen is completed. The 14' x 30' megatarp's
construction is started. A pair of proto-pants are sewn out of our infinite
supply of space-age semiconducting fabric but alas, the crotch rides too high
for comfortable wearing.

Friday August 3rd : A new projector bulb base installed on the broken projector.

June 30th:
Tipi poles are cut and a partial mock-up assembled.

June 23rd: projectorgasm starts at dusk and goes beyond the dawn...


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