Sat. 10/8 @ On a Lark

Bloomington, IN

Sat. 10/15 @ Lemp Art Center St Louis, MO

Sun. 10/16 @ The Union Athens OH


Temple of Bon Matin California Tour Diary 2005 As Recalled by Ed Wilcox

Sunday-May 22-or "Long Beach-Can you Hear me SCREAM?!"

I have heard that on your deathbed, your sense of smell is the last to depart. True or not- I shall remember always the first day of this tour. Beginning with the bony, mournful, French woman, reeking of nicotine, garlic and BO. The French wave like a flag. Sitting next to me on our flight- clearly some kind of self-help cult-a-holic, she read a text about how rigorous adherence to Tibetan Buddhism can overcome "The Problem of Sex" and restore "right bodily function". About 6 hours into the 3 hour flight she rolled up her black, silk pantaloons, revealing a leg wickedly criss crossed with scars and slashes. She began picking at the scabs and eating them. My warm regards to the ditzy blond from Dallas who held her nose and asked "Is that your girlfriend?" To my left bandmate Jay Reeve, clearly some kind of self-help, cult-a-holic, read a text about how rigorous adherence to the Wu-Tang Clan can help you rock a hat- Aight.....

Launching our rented van onto Route 5, we pass a big, white, gleaming pickup truck with Nascar stickers and a confederate flag. Moron! You're in Burbank! We blasted him with some DMX.

By the time we got up north, dawn was radiating over sleepy Gilroy- "Garlic Capitol of America" The heady aroma of an "Olive Garden" grease trap informed us the fields were in blossom. Someone had run over a skunk in the middle of town- and as we left- They torched a huge mountain of dung.

Later.... Is it the always Autumn of San Fransisco weather that puts you in the mood to cuddle? The romance of fisherman's wharf when the men return from sea? Who can say what crazy mood came over us? Who can say why bassist Eric Baylies and I considered tying the knot in a quiet civil ceremony in city hall? But alas, I wanted Thai food at the reception and he only eats "Ring-Dings" and "HO-HO's".

Much later.... Smile and put on a show. It's only been 30 sleepless hours and 4,000 mile since departure. Do you know you can't get a good cup of coffee in sophisticated San Francisco after dark? We made the mistake of asking some of our dearest friends in the world to open for us. We got rewarded with a good ass whoopin. Robert Price and Priya Ray's eternal "KreaMY Electric Santa" sported a slammin' new rhythm section-highlighting that as often as Robert rejoices shooting himself in the foot-he is undeniably America's heir to Jimmy Webb. Following them, "The Witches of Bullshit"(a.k.a Liqourball) Featuring Steve McKay(of the Stooges, MC5 and Snakefinger) one of the greatest pioneers of nowave/punk jazz, Marlon Kassberg and Grady Runyan.(They used to play with the guitarist from Angelwitch- Angelwitch Motherfucker!!!)

Much,much later...Merciful sleep at the beautiful family home of our singer, Ramesh Srinivasan. Slept all night in a big comfy bed and slept all day under a lemon tree. So glad, and sad, my wife Leslie is returning to the deep blanket of west coast tranquility. Our pleasant times as a couple were always here.

Monday-May 23- "The Last in Line"

Pulled up to "Grandma's House" in Oakland looking for loose, hippy bitches and to maybe have a rumble. Had to make due with macrobiotic burritos and the vivacious Priya Ray. I heard Vinnie Paternostro's maniacal laughter from the back of the van and Daniel Melomedman screaming the immortal " My GOD! MY ASS!"

Tuesday-May 24

The band and a bunch of Pakastani cab drivers ate a delicious Indian meal cooked by Mexicans. Played KFJC. "Swans Remix"

Wednesday-may 25

Cruising south-The Pacific Coast Highway barely clinging to he suntanned, golden boob California Hills, pumping Ramesh's Indian classical music and Wire. Puzzled over which "Yes" album cover Roger Dean sketched at Carmel. Stretching our legs among sage and jasmine trees. Jasmine Trees! I love the precise greens of California- jade, copper, lizard, faded olive, girls' green eyes, bottle green. Surveyed a thousand dozing elephant seals under the distant, looming lunacy of Hearst Castle. Someday I'd love to make some basho-like poet's trek along the coast. Walk from Jet-setty Laguna up to the Chinese watercolors and shacks of scrounged doors of Monterey. I'd probably turn into some Harry Parch/Hippy, Living on the beach, making goofy xylophones out of bamboo.(I guess I already am.)

Thursday-May 26-"You Just Got Lucky"

Dan asked "Why is my seat wet?" We snoozed by San Diego's stinky but funny "Dog Beach" and watched the local middle school girl's surfing team get changed. After the gig, the promoter said our Mardi-Gras mayhem sounded like "Exuma". Now I really have to die in poverty in Miami.

Friday-May 27- "Just One Happy Day"

Almost burned up "The Nymphs" cd, tearing down the freeway from the gig in Ventura to the gig in L.A. We saw a big, white, gleaming, pickup truck with Nascar stickers and a Confederate flag.

Saturday-May 28-That song by Nazareth that goes "Starlight,Starbright"

Stayed at the Hotel California. A beautiful commune organized by John Waters' nephew. These insane radicals nurture a garden and ride bicycles in L.A. Hallucinatingly tired - Jay and I got lost driving around Koreatown. We stopped at a gas station to ask for directions, but balked at the face down corpse by a pump. Everyone was stepping over her buying gas and coffee. Nobody saw nothing Gringo. Revisited Watts Towers- Simon Rodia's epic stalagmite, Sun Ra birthday cake. I t certainly inspired me to "D Something Big". While the rest of us flew back to Philly, Ramesh was off to Zanzibar. When he returns, he'll be living in Jim Morrison's house in Venice Beach. I 'll be sleeping on the steps waiting for him!!







Temple live, an experience of mind,body and spirit. Every sense assaulted, overloaded, wired. Words don't express it, it's a must see three ring circus,full on!

T.o.B.M. have played a million shows with impressive bands in many cities across the land.Early on in the hometown of Philly then traveling to the four corners of this country.



"The Temple of Bon Matin were at their best yet in their upward spiral of prodigious noisecraft. Their washes of driving noise were as lush as the plains of Montana, and their unified beat accentuations were as organic and fierce as an iron fist crushing your life in an instant. Go see the Temple- Every show is a happening and a work of artnoise,all in one!" April '93 Underground Press Andy McConnell

"A loose aggregate of unhinged musicans rallying behind the war-whooping drumming of Ed Wilcox, TBM picks at the brain's lock that spuriously bars the notion that Judas Priest, the New York Dolls, the Sun City Girls and Sun Ra can't coexist in the same song" Bret McCabe Baltimore City Paper 2003