Had another odd dream last night. I was living in some city, don't know where. Everyone just got word that Bush had started a nuclear war, and that Korea had launched three nuclear warheads at us. There was a huge line of people outside this storage facility trying to get in for protection. The guy who owned the place was blocking anyone from entering saying that it was full. I had sneaked around, and gotten in the side door, and when I got in, I saw that there was nothing in there, but storage for old books. He was trying to save his old books over the lives of all these people. I found him and as he was having me forcibly removed, I kept screaming, "These people's blood is on your hands!" Finally he realized what he was doing, and let us all in. We got everyone together, and moved all his books outside, and everyone came in. We watched the warhead hit about a mile away. I looked over and saw my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. So, my wife and I went and sat with them.

Then, first thing this morning, I open my e-mail and there's a petition for me to sign, and the first words are, "Nuclear winter could come as early as this spring if Republicans follow through on their threats to launch the nuclear option." Turns out the "nuclear option" they are talking about is ending the senate minority's ability to filibuster. I signed the petition.

There was another dream directly following the previous one. I was at my grandmother's house, the one who just recently passed away. Her driveway is pretty long, and when you get to the top, there is an open carport where a Cadillac Deville is parked. In this dream, I was the observer, I wasn't actually a part of it. Fred Sanford, and Grady were sitting in the yard talking, and Lamont pulled up. Lamont had a letter in his hand saying that he got an offer to go work in Hollywood as an actor. Fred got upset, and then a lion appeared and started chasing Fred around my grandmother's Cadillac. I came into the dream then. From the door of the house (about three steps up from the carport) I started yelling to Fred which way to run from the lion (since it was chasing him in circles). Then I woke up.