- the sister site of from the other side of the coin.
multiultramedia - our host site, and the source for local underground music.
disinformation - a good place to keep informed.
the emerald tablets of thoth the atlantean - keys to the universe.
thought crime - the revolt against work.
timothy leary - a collection of his writings.
albert einstein - a site devoted to his thoughts.
steven hawking - official site.
buckminster fuller - the buckminster fuller institute.
crowley's tao te ching - aleister crowley's translation of the work.
aleister crowley - more of crowley's writings.
the gospel of thomas - the gnostic gospel the church doesn't want you to see.
paramhansa yogananda - a place to learn about sri. yoganangaji.
robert anton wilson - the futurist writer's semiofficial site.
principa discordia - watch out for those fnords.
helena petrova blavatsky and the mahatmas - theosophical writings.
The inventions of nikola tesla - an introduction to the genius.
leon theremin - the inventor of electronic music.
c.g. jung - the carl jung institute's site.
reversal of time at the end of the universe - a theoretical essay about the possibility of time reversing.
nasa's origins program - a study into our creation.
one infin8ty zero - words and art to make connections.
medicinal marijuana - WAMM - an organization devoted legalizing medicinal marijuana.
transpersonal psychology - information on the branch of psychology.
whiskey priest - he is the song of the mine shaft canary.
ted pope - poetry from somos somos dias del muertos.
north carolina school of holistic herbalism - school for traditional herbal medicine.
give bush a brain - flash game.
crimson room - can you escape the crimson room?
abraxas - the world is a confusing place, and you are light and dark.
health care reference library - online resource for herbal information.
hendersonville community co-op - website of the local co-op.
anarchy for anybody - general information about the anarchist movement.
the relation of the state to the individual - a classic anarchist essay.
state and social anarchism - another classic anarchist essay.
ayurvedic herbal information - historical uses of herbs in ayurveda.
organic gardening - online resource for organic gardening.
alchemical octaves - a study in the nature of the universe.
kava - online source for pure ground kava root. good for what ails you.