I had a dream last night. I was on a chain gang. Some of the same people were there from Cool Hand Luke. We were all on this really dark street. The only light came from one of those old-style street lights. The black ones that look like they used to hold gas lights, but were retrofitted with electric ones. It was kind of an alley way, and the street was covered in leaves. I seemed to have a busted leg or something, because they were letting me sit back toward the guards, leaned up against a wall. They were having me play guitar for them to keep everyone entertained while they were having to work in this dark street.

As I sat there strumming, a little short guy with a bald head came up to me. He had sort of scruffy whiskers, and wore the blue prison jump suit like the rest of us. He seemed to be autistic. He put his hands on either side of my face and said, "Play 'Look Down that Lonesome Road,' cause you're going to look real good in that suit of cloths when you leave this place." Everyone kind of smiled at me because they were jealous that I was going to be getting out and getting my suit of clothes. So, I started playing the song, as I did images kept flashing in my head of me lying in a coffin with a new suit of clothes on.

"Weary toatin' such a load. Tredgin' down that lonesome road..."