Alright, so it's been nearly a year since I updated this site, and nearly a year since I've played any music anywhere besides my bedroom. Granted, there have been circumstances. There has been a house bought, a job change, the death of my Grandmother, two lost babies, numerous surgeries for my wife, and two for me. So, when I lay it out like that, I guess I feel somewhat better about not playing music.

But, all of that is behind me now. My new mantra is this: "Every moment contains infinite possibilities. All limitations are self-imposed." With that mentality in tact (at least for about 20 minutes at a stretch) I will continue to persue music. I will also be starting my second installment of "Harry Potter School" as my wife calls it, at the North Carolina School of Holisitc Herbalism in March. Maybe one day before long I can have a career that allows me to do some good for the world, and that opens up my schedule to write the book, and play music.

Well, enough rambling. It is time to shower, and to pretend that it matters whether or not I'm able to sell an entertainment center. (By the way, anyone ever notice the similarities between the words "entertainment" and "entrainment"?)