two foot tall jerk

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Inventive and nitemarish are the two words I'd use to describe this unit of musical misfits. Squarely in what I'd consider the horror rock category with a heavy use of guitars and distorted vocals I enjoyed (?) their use of sounds and dark imagery. I think I hear some early Marilyn Manson in there as well. The sound level was so low on the tape that I was tempted to think this was done on purpose. If it was, the effect was quite startling, like having a waking dream. I half expected the volume to shoot up suddenly at any time. Reviewed by John Gore 5/17/99.


"Doobie Mothers" is experimental and noisy---layers of warped tape loops and talk radio samples. "Shitback" features some guitar warming-up action (one guitar and one fretless bass improvising or whatever) and layers of answering machine messages. Its a sociological lesson in how stupid people sound when they leave messages on other peoples machines. All of them. This is some crazy shit. - Ian C. Stewart


Psycho grind core, and pretty damn kick-ass at that, thank you very much. Drum machine pounds away as layers of guitar sonics and creepy whispered vocals also occur. Rock that drum machine, you fuckers! Yeah... Sufficiently grindy while still displaying a goofiness akin to much of the early industrial scene (Severed Heads, Chris & Cosey...). Sometimes this is Dead Voices On Air-ish, sometimes a little Big Black-ish and sometimes it even rocks likes Ian's mom (on an off night). Stop sucking up for Christ's sake! Am I going soft? Am I wussing out with too many good reviews? OK, I've changed my mind, this sucks, don't contact them. - C. Reider


Some early work. More loud, spare, improvised, industrial grinding here. I think this one has a live drummer, but not a very good one. If they got a good drummer, they'd surely rule my little corner of the underground. I put my vote in for Harlan. I smell a super-group and it smells TASTY. It takes TFTJ a little longer to warm up on this one as opposed to Germination, but they still have more energy than the majority of undie bands. The tape ends with a drawn-out drunken jam and a bit of Iron Maiden. - C. Reider