two foot tall jerk

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Germination was recorded Jan-Mar 1994 at AKA studios in Franklinville,N.J. by Tom Hollenden.It was self released by TFTJ using the tape to tape method and sent across the world to different tape traders many in eastern european countries like Lithuania and Romainia.Stateside, many ties were made with other hometaper enthusiasts,some that still stand today.The album itself was the basic guitar,bass,drum machine,sampler, vocal production and started to show TFTJ's lean towards experimental music by employing short wave radio feeds,sampled feedback loops and other nonsense.This could only lead to being more ridiculous.

Pick Your Own Pumpkin was recorded again at AKA studios from Sept-Nov 1994.TFTJ had as guests on the album Jeff K.(0781kt) doing samples and Paul Parkinson playing drums on one song.The more spacey,improvizational TFTJ came to life or death on this release.More tape trading,more reviews and more trips to the post office came after the release.

1A Crutch Of Tone was recorded in july 5-6 1995 by Duane Clemmer in Doyestown,PA.It was released as a split cd with longtime mates Conflict Burning(rip) on Burnt Music Productions.The experimentation continued deeply with uses of wrenches,bullhorn,electric shaver and garden shovel as musical instruments.As well as the band relying heavily on their unrhythmic percussion to trample through their improved recording session.






Home Sweet Hell was recorded during the first week of July 1996 in Marlton,N.J. It marked TFTJ's first experience in digital home recording.A very disjointed,surreal effort punctuated by being locked in an apartment for several days with a Twilight Zone marathon playing in the background.This release,as a whole never saw the light of day until now.With the Jerk's at the helm of the recording console,sweet hell broke loose with the use of reel to reel tapes,a bathroom sink,more fiery percussion,harpsicord,flute and much much more that even they themselves can't remember.


1S/T 7 Inch was the vinyl impression capturing the magic of the Home Sweet Hell sessions.Doobie Mothers and Shitback were the representatives of the session.Released on Burnt Music Productions

1LIVE AT...This was recorded in one night by Jeff K. at J&D Studios in Runnemede NJ. sometime early 1999.The first recording session or practice for TFTJ in nearly two years.This too never released till now.

More Two Foot Tall Jerk will be unearthed,dusted off and set to cd's within a couple months.Who knows what will come of it all?