two foot tall jerk

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The TWO FOOT TALL JERK BOARD OF SCIENTIFIC ADVISORS:TWO FOOT TALL JERK has undergone a striking metamorphosis since it's pioneering days in developing concepts of environmental music.Today,as specialists in the physiological and psychological applications of music,TWO FOOT TALL JERK is concerned with developments in vigilance and human factors research, and of course,the effects of scientifically planned music on work productivity and efficiency,among others.Professional guidance is provided by the TWO FOOT TALL JERK Board of Scientific Advisors which consists of distinguished professionals in the field of education,industrial engineering,medicine,psychology and human factors.Under the guidance of the Board,TWO FOOT TALL JERK aims to make dramatic contributions to the business community through new discoveries in the scientific applications of music.

TWO FOOT TALL JERK:A TOOL of MANAGEMENT: Unlike ordinary music or so-called background music,TWO FOOT TALL JERK is a non-entertainment medium,employing rhythm,tempo,instrumentalization,etc...,to scientifically-determine specifications.Different types of arrangements and selections are planned for different times of the day to achieve predetermined effects.In work situations,independent studies have documented the effectiveness of TWO FOOT TALL JERK programs in improving employee attitude,efficiency and productivity.In commercial applications,special TWO FOOT TALL JERK programs are employed to create environmental conditions conductive to improve customer relations and profits.

TWO FOOT TALL JERK:INTERNATIONALLY ACCEPTED:The success of TWO FOOT TALL JERK has manifested in the continued and growing utilization as a management tool by companies large and small throughout the world.Today,TWO FOOT TALL JERK studios are operating around the clock in Argentina,Belgium,Brazil,Canada,Colombia,Denmark, Finland,Germany,Great Britain,Israel,Japan,Mexico,New Zealand, Nicaragua,Peru,Philippines,Spain,Switzerland,United States and Uruguay.Because it is a non-entertainment medium employing music only as the raw material of service,TWO FOOT TALL JERK is universally accepted and effective in all countries in which it operates.

ARRANGERS EDWARD COOPER,JAY REEVE and RICHARD GALLAGHER Long celebrated figures in the modern music world,EDWARD COOPER,JAY REEVE,and RICHARD GALLAGHER bring a fresh,original style to every one of their arrangements.While clearly recognizable,their style remains delightfully free of cliches.And we receive arrangements that are virile,exciting,ever-changing,in perfect keeping with the nature of the music.Each a complete musical statement.The living,breathing effect of these arrangements is achieved by EDWARD COOPER,JAY REEVE and RICHARD GALLAGHER'S expert knowledge of the fitness of certain combinations of instruments,creative interpolations and dramatic understanding of the system of musical contasts.The resulting stimulus flows from the enthusiasm with which fellow professionals play their music.EDWARD COOPER,JAY REEVE and RICHARD GALLAGHER write to fully accomplish the musical objectives TWO FOOT TALL JERK has set. While each instrumentalist is given a specific assignment,he or she enjoys sufficient scope to play to the best advantage of his or her talents.A totally buoyant interpretation of each arrangement is thus realized.